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  1. Camshaft position problems and questions...
  2. Horrible idle, and hot start problems
  3. Anyone know where I can find a good writeup with resource links for an A/C delete
  4. Need to borrow ecu
  5. Help - BRM Wheel Restoration
  6. New suspensions.
  7. MKII headliner
  8. ESP question
  9. who would i talk to about a 1.9tdi swap in my 77rabbit
  10. please help !!! vag com or odb2 code reader needed car died in the road
  11. Suspension issue
  12. new motor idea let me know what u think
  13. H2Sport spindles
  14. cosmoline - share your thoughts
  15. Vanagon transmission
  16. 2.0l 16v torque specs needed!!
  17. How do i bleed my coolant system on my 2.0 16v ???
  18. Tranny rebuild
  19. vanagon motor swap questions
  20. Mr. Nobodys clutch problem
  21. mk2 door handles...
  22. Vanagon problems
  23. Headlight relay mod
  24. vanagon tires
  25. Couple questions about MB M180 engine.
  26. vanagon help
  27. MKIV CEL Issues..
  28. Fine tune need help!!
  29. Volvo 850 electrical fun
  30. need to borrow fuel pump
  31. should I use my car to jump start another?
  32. Jetta Problems. need help!!!
  33. HIDs in projector or HID specific lenses.
  34. Jetta warning light
  35. Power Steering Rack Question
  36. winter MPGs :: how bad does it hurt?
  37. Motul gear/tranny luuube
  38. VAG Oil Specs.
  39. CIS-E help.
  40. Catch can questions.
  41. 1.8T running waaay too rich.
  42. HALP! I need a Strut Nut 'socket' =D
  43. Please help, diesel emergency.
  44. Oregon DEQ - what's legal and what's not for a 1979 whatever
  45. Severe misfiring.
  46. 80 vw rabbit truck wont start
  47. 16v w/ 288 cams and g60 block in 85 8v jetta?
  48. ABS help
  49. 1995 Audi a4 quattro obd port
  50. WTF .. mk3 vr spark plug broken
  51. Front end shake.
  52. mk1 Scirocco e-brake cable lengths
  53. CIS fuel dizzy Goes SLAP, SLAP,, SLAP what did I do now?
  54. Trouble shooting VW NB 2002 2.0L AVH Auto 109,000
  55. Can this be fixed? (transmission)
  56. Avant Lowering
  57. Moldy seat cleaning
  58. GIAC vs APR Chip Roll Call
  59. E46 M54B30 330cic misfire - let's solve the problem
  60. Anyone Know What this is?
  61. I need some help! mk4 Axle confusion.
  62. Cleaning overspray from chrome?
  63. MK1 on CIS, how little of the vacuum lines can be run?
  64. Mk1 heater blower motor not working...
  65. Waste Veggie Oil diesel fuel conversions
  66. Can you wire 6 volt lights into a 12 volt system?
  67. Chris, you were right ;) 1.5 diesel question.
  68. Car won't want to start (sometimes)
  69. 1.8T gurus, service advice needed for a friend (2001 Jetta WE)
  70. Audi 2.2 turbo acceleration stutter
  71. intermittent labored starting and tach spaz (vw 16v)
  72. No spark or fuel
  73. Fuel problem on a b6 a4
  74. Steering wheel help
  75. Banjo fitting help
  76. Caliper carrier slides
  77. The *Official* ask Chris thread
  78. Digi 1 1.5bar MAP= ALEX
  79. mkIV water leaks.
  80. 89 jetta wont start.
  81. 97 A8 4.2L Quattro: TCM need to be replaced?
  82. Sway Bar bushing lube recommendations
  83. Need help figuring out what connector I need
  84. charging system strangeness
  85. Mk1 speedometer question
  86. 98 mk3 2.0 jetta. melted wires at throttlebody
  87. slight hesitation while accelerating or letting off the gas
  88. water in the engine
  89. MK4 Golf GLS Alarm
  90. Technical: Mk2 front spindles
  91. Crazy Volvo Engine Swaps
  92. Custom Stainless Exhaust Fab Parts?
  93. Vibration after replacing axle
  94. B5.5 1.8T weird idle issues and AC acting up?
  95. Anyone know much about Jeeps?
  96. Draining A/C for removal
  97. It's time to play "Name that noise!"
  98. 10v Audi 4000 motor.. interference?
  99. Clunking noise while accelerating and maintaining speed
  100. AC draining the battery?
  101. Mk2 steering knuckle interchange
  102. mk2 8v coolant hose
  103. Oil
  104. MK3 VR6 possible fuel pump issue
  105. Area machine shops specializing in the VR6
  106. '81 Caddy engine knock
  107. Good Transmission Shops: '05 B5.5 TDI, auto trans
  108. 20th Alternator
  109. Need headlights that don't suck! Mk3 VW Gti VR6
  110. Project Nazi Poltergeist - 81 Caddy alt/battery issues
  111. My Mk3 Gti unlocks itself
  112. Another Mk1 question! Shift relay lever...
  113. Need a quick aba 16vT question answered
  114. Filler neck/Fuel Tank vent hose
  115. Interesting cam wear - 96 2.0L ABA
  116. Been a while. i need a hand on a wiring issue.
  117. Misc 12v VR questions...
  118. '81 Caddy fuel filler neck vent
  119. Tail light issue