View Full Version : intermittent labored starting and tach spaz (vw 16v)

2012.06.25, 09:02 AM
Having issues with 2.0l 16v retrofit in 84 Scirocco. It will struggle sometimes when starting and the the tach will do jumping jacks. Not sure if it's a component, ie. starter, coil, ignition module, etc., or a ground issue. Not using 2.0l motronic, but 1.8 CIS-E 16v.

Rabbit 16v
2012.06.25, 10:43 AM
usually I have seen this be a grounding issue from the battery to the body to the trans. It is also possible that you have an ICU that is failing.

2012.06.27, 07:12 AM
I call either a grounding issue or a broken cell in a battery causing internal short.

2012.06.29, 10:23 AM
I vote for a bad ICU or bad ground as well