View Full Version : Fuel problem on a b6 a4

2012.08.06, 21:47 PM
So my problem is when adding fuel in my 02 Audi a4 3.0l the auto stop on the fuel pump kicks after about 2 dollars of gas, and from what I could find online everyone did the evap purge valve (n80) so I just got my new one and it still is kicking the shut off... If anyone has had this problem or knows more about these issues I would appreciate your input thanks,

Rabbit 16v
2012.08.06, 21:56 PM
Sorry to hear the internets directed you to the N80. There is no way that the N80 could cause this issue. I know it might sound trite, but have you checked for codes? Are you using the same fueling station every time? How often does this occur? Was it a gradual symptom, or did it manifest itself immediately?

2012.08.06, 22:09 PM
Yeah I have 2 codes one is catalyst below threshold, the other is po441, no I have tried a lot of different stations, it does it everytime, it acted up a few time at random then just stayed. Thanks for the help by the way

Rabbit 16v
2012.08.06, 22:28 PM
cat code and evap code are not relevant. Although the evap code is likely the n80, it still is not relevant to the filling issue. this is a tricky one as there is a check flap/ball check to ensure the fuel does not flow out the filler in the event of a roll over accident. On earlier cars, i have seen this flap get stuck and provide the same symptoms you are seeing. however, I have not yet seen this on a newer car (and I have seen some really weird stuff of on newer audis). I will mull this over in my sleep and see what I come up with ;)

Rabbit 16v
2012.08.07, 10:45 AM
Try checking the breather tube in the filler neck on the side. If this is blocked then it is possible that the fuel is getting backed up during filling. I am not sure if you will need to drop the tank though to check the end of it as it fits into the top of the tank and my diagram is showing me that it is in a different location than the access holes for the fuel level senders/fuel pump.

2012.08.07, 11:18 AM
Oh sweet.... Now that I'm not sleeping, the n80 was bad but some one told me that could cause my problem obviously they're wrong. I have looked at the filler neck a little but have not noticed anything abnormal, how fun is it to drop the tank on one of these?

Rabbit 16v
2012.08.07, 12:50 PM
Pulling the tank on that car is quite the suck..

2012.08.07, 14:08 PM
So its gonna be a hella fun job doing it in my driveway... Haha

Rabbit 16v
2012.08.07, 15:15 PM
OH noes! That is going to suck! :(

2012.08.07, 21:15 PM
do you know what the book time is on dropping the tank by chance? hoping it will be less then 2 days.... thanks for the insight man.

Rabbit 16v
2012.08.07, 22:10 PM
Alldata says 7.5 hours to R&R the tank.

2012.08.08, 02:19 AM
I put a vote in for the "gravity valve" as you mentioned above.
I replaced one in my 4k because it shut off the pump all the time!