View Full Version : Digi 1 1.5bar MAP= ALEX

Rabbit 16v
2012.11.17, 18:11 PM
Anyone know of a swap in MAP sensor for Digi 1 that is a 1.5bar? This is mainly aimed at Alex, as I know he is working on some really cool Digi stuff, but if anyone else has an idea, that would be great! Need to upgrade the MAP sensor on the shop vanagon.

2012.11.19, 15:23 PM
can you take a picture of the MAP and I will see what I can find.

2012.11.19, 17:59 PM
See if one of these packages looks right. It's a 250kpa sensor and I see there's a few digi 1 chips out there that support that sensor. If you know someone that can chip tune, there's a 4bar I could solder in there.


Rabbit 16v
2012.11.19, 20:40 PM
I will have to take it apart and see. I know there are a few different ones that they used. I do have a guy that can make a chip for me. No worries on the soldering, I can do that without an issue. I was just wondering if there was one available, but I guess I will need to take a look at it. Thanks man!