View Full Version : 89 jetta wont start.

2013.01.16, 21:49 PM
ok guys, heres an odd one.

89 Jetta WE, 240k on body, 94k ish on the motor, automatic (no its not getting swapped).

2 years ago i swapped in an 89 JH out of a totaled cabriolet and it ran perfect. recently its been having an intermittent no start issue. usually if i let it sit for a bit it will fire up and run like a champ. not this time. checked fro spark at #1 and got nothing. ok, check from the coil. nice hot white\blue spark. new cap and rotor installed and now no spark at all. ok swapped in my spare dizzy and same problem. the spare has a dead hall effect according to my Bentley. swap dizzys again, still no spark. any ideas? if need be i can get a new dizzy but they are not cheap even with my discount through work.

i need to get this thing going for work as the rest of the fleet is down except my wifes BMW, and my beat up 73 Datsun pickup (40 year old seats KILL my back).

oh and something else thats odd. when it is actually running properly, the tach bounces when the revs drop. like when shifting or coming to a stop. it usually bounces 2 or 3 times before steadying. its not so much its not accurate its just annoying. time for a new tach??

Rabbit 16v
2013.01.16, 22:23 PM
The problem is that you have an automatic :P I suggest swap immediately!

Seriously though, sounds like a bad dizzy or poor ground. Try turning the ignition to the 'run' position and spin the dizzy by hand (not installed) and see if you get spark. Report back with results.

2013.01.17, 07:56 AM
Autos aren't that bad, just gutless :)

I Will do that tonight if I have some time. I need this thIng to run.

2013.05.30, 22:27 PM
sorry bout the long delay. i fixed the issues. it turned out to be a combination of a dead dizzy and a bad computer relay. now shes running like a champ. i just got done doing a tras service and dropping my Recaros into her. next up, MOAR LOWAR!!!!!