View Full Version : 97 A8 4.2L Quattro: TCM need to be replaced?

2013.02.21, 10:54 AM
[Starting over for historical reference]

Have a 97 Audi A8 4.2L. The transmission was rebuilt and then a few days later, after it rained, the car would start and engine runs normally. However, when you put the gear selector into R or D, all of the gear indicators on the dash start to flash and the CEL flashes.

I'm hoping that this is the TCU (TCM?) getting wet and needs to be replaced?

1) Does that sound right?
2) Anyone know a good place to get parts in Beaverton/Tigard OR?
3) Which part number should I get?
--- 4D0 927 156 BH ?
--- 8D0 927 156 BQ ?
(Don't have vag-com and can't bring the car to one.)
4) What kind of price am I looking at? (Interwebs show anywhere from $80-$250)

Also, I found this walkthrough, is this the correct part and location for this issue/make/model/year?

Rabbit 16v
2013.02.21, 19:11 PM
Do you have the last 6 digits of the VIN? there is a split in that year.

1. yes. sounds perfectly accurate and very common
2. Ask DJM?
3. Need VIN to help on that.
4. those prices look normal. I would plan on about $200 tops.

yes, that looks right for location.

2013.02.22, 11:25 AM

Rabbit 16v
2013.02.22, 19:18 PM
According to my information it should be the 4D0 927 156K. HTH. You can always remove it and look at the part number on the sticker. I mean if you have to get in there anyway.. might as well get started now and verify the part number.

2013.04.08, 11:11 AM
For historical reference, the car was bought out from under me while on my way with the part. So we will never know the true answer :(

2013.04.08, 16:32 PM

Rabbit 16v
2013.04.09, 08:38 AM