View Full Version : Anyone know where I can find a good writeup with resource links for an A/C delete

2010.05.19, 19:55 PM
On a Mk2 Jetta (16v)? I've searched the vortex and haven't gotten lucky. :(


2010.05.19, 21:41 PM
I had one written on vortex but its probably gone until they get their archives back up

2010.05.25, 20:32 PM
Heres how I did mine, Tapped in the adjuster for the AC unit all the way in which allowed me to mount the alternator where the AC unit was, bent up an 8v tensioner arm and mounted it where the alternator used to be and used the AC belt (doesn't fit all the way into the v-pulley but it works).

2010.06.01, 07:49 AM
Did it on my 8v a long time ago, getting that 60-70 lbs out of the front of the wheel base really did WONDERS for the handling. :)