View Full Version : slight hesitation while accelerating or letting off the gas

2013.03.31, 18:17 PM
so i have a mk4 golf, 2.0, with a slight hesitation when i accelerate or let off the gas. it's more noticeable at 5-25 mph or so. switched out spark plugs almost a year ago, maybe over a year ago, it might be time to replace them, but i remember it doing this even back then. any thoughts on what might be causing this?

2013.04.01, 06:57 AM
what do you mean a hesitation when you let off the gas? Does the car continue to apply throttle for a short amount of time after you lift from the pedal?

2013.04.01, 10:29 AM
this happens when i'm doing anything less than 25 mph or so. i let off the gas, and it instantly 'bucks' a little, it gets the same motion as when you stall a car. that type of motion..

Rabbit 16v
2013.04.01, 21:36 PM
Do you have any codes?

2013.04.02, 16:45 PM
i scanned it a year ago but don't have the codes anymore, check engine light comes and goes, haven't had time to get it scanned.

Rabbit 16v
2013.04.02, 18:26 PM
well i think the next best step is to get the codes. just swing by an auto parts store on your way to somewhere and have them scan it real quick. or if you are up in the seattle area, i can scan it too.