View Full Version : MK4 Golf GLS Alarm

2013.04.08, 11:17 AM
So, my dad has been inducted into the family finally, and picked up a MK4 2000 Golf GLS from a local dealer. It was one of those little places that specializes in used cars. So, needless to say, the car has a couple issues. Most of which are no biggie (glove box hinge broken on one side, cup holder broken, etc).

However, he only got the valet key. Not only did they not have the original switchblade remote, they didn't even know what he was talking about when I made him ask for it. :facepalm: And now the alarm will randomly arm/disarm when he uses his key in the driver door (the only one it works on). :banghead:

A) Is there ANY way to disarm the alarm with JUST the valet key and NOT using the external lock on the driver's door?

B) Obviously it has some sort of short, there are a couple other issues with that door (i.e. dome light doesn't go on when it opens, window switches can have a mind of their own, etc.) Where would be the first place you would look? The ponytail at the door hinge? In the car? In the door?

[Edit: added the year, since it might be important :) ]