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2013.05.16, 09:47 AM
I paid a shop last winter to do my wheel bearings. Well 14k miles later they're making noise again. So I'm thinking about just pulling some steering knuckles and making sure what I pay for gets pressed in. I'm reading that 89+ GLI 16v cars have a different spindle to allow for bigger brakes (10.1") also has a bigger ball joint. How is this any different from a 2.0l mk3 setup? I'm starting to think it'll be easier finding mk3 spindles and more worth while putting them in than paying for late 16v ones new or waiting to find one in a junk yard locally.

Anyways what I'm asking if everything I've researched is correct or if there is a better route to go (such as mk3).


Rabbit 16v
2013.05.16, 11:57 AM
They are same as MKIII 4 cylinder.

2013.05.16, 12:07 PM
What Chris said, any 2.0 jetta/golf/gti spindles/knuckles 1993-1998 should work fine and allows for bigger brakes, up to 11" (1990 G60 Corrado disks). The main difference between the 1985-1990 and 1993-1998 are the mounting points for the caliper and the carrier setup, 1985-1990 use the mounting bolts which are allen head as the caliper carrier/slider and mount directly the the spindles/knuckles, 1993-1998 the caliper is separate from the carrier. The carrier bolts to the spindles/knuckles via 17mm bolts and then the caliper mounts to the carrier with a 13mm bolts. Keep in mind the caliper pads are not interchangeable.

2013.05.16, 12:19 PM
Perfect, thanks for the great info! :beer:

Rabbit 16v
2013.05.16, 12:37 PM