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2013.05.16, 16:25 PM
I know there are some Volvo folks on this forum so I'm curious...

I have this crazy idea to turn a Volvo 242 into a track car, and swap in a more powerful motor in the process. I've seen a lot of different swaps from others, and I'm kinda curious about dropping a Quattro 2.1/2.2L 5-cyl in there (they sound awesome). The other engine option would be a 2JZ since I've seen a few 240/2JZ swaps on the Net. Are there any local (Seattle/Eastside) shops/folks who might know something about doing Volvo swaps? I know I'm going to need some custom fabbing for mounting the engine/transmission, so resources for that sort of thing are also appreciated.

What piques my interest is I found this beauty on Portland's CL: http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/3805412564.html I'm sure there will be more cheap 242s in the future, but if they can be had for under $1000...I just need to find someone with a trailer :(

Rabbit 16v
2013.05.16, 18:03 PM
We can do it. However, we would only employ european engines. none of that silly jdm stuff. If it helps much, the diesel bellhousing on a 24x will accommodate 5cyl and 6cyl VWaG engines..

2013.05.17, 19:35 PM

2013.05.25, 13:50 PM
Going off-topic, but is there data on what motors can mount to the Getrag 5spd on a 190E 2.3-16? I wound up going with that as a project instead, and I plan on doing what I can with the original motor. However, should that thing grenade itself, the hair-raising roar of the Audi 5cyl is enticing.

2013.05.29, 15:01 PM
^ Nice!! I like those. I know they're not stupid fast or anything, but I still want.