View Full Version : Custom Stainless Exhaust Fab Parts?

2013.06.01, 16:31 PM
I'm looking for this specifically, but in stainless:


2.5" OD x 18" long with one flared end for a slip fit over a 2.5" cat exit. I've tried the Burns Stainless website, and all the others I could think of. I'll call Stan's Headers on Monday, but I like to point and click. Any ideas?

Rabbit 16v
2013.06.02, 15:01 PM
What are you building?

2013.06.03, 10:32 AM
Just retrofitting. I've always been annoyed by the fact that my high flow cat necks down from 2.5" to 55mm to fit the stock exhaust, and then goes back up to 2.5" on the other side of this adapter pipe I have to fit my Jetex exhaust. It probably doesn't make a bit of difference, but I needed a new cat, and ordered one with a full 2.5" exit. Now I just need to get the 2.5" adapter to replace the goofy 55mm one. Just seems silly to have two halves of an exhaust system neck down the the stock OD, when none of it is stock anymore. /OCD purchases

2013.06.04, 12:28 PM
As much as I hate using a telephone, the local A-1 Muffler had me hooked up in no time. Sweet sassy molassy.

Rabbit 16v
2013.06.04, 19:53 PM

2013.06.19, 16:55 PM
Finally got the new piece all welded in and everything clamped back together. I also fabbed up a new center exhaust mount, which totally replaces the factory one. The exhaust no longer flops and clunks all over the place, it's awesome! Should have done that years ago. The exhaust seems quieter as well, which is a bit surprising, but good. I'm a very happy camper. :D

2013.06.21, 15:20 PM
Good stuff.. can't wait to get a new custom exhaust on my wagon

2013.06.25, 18:31 PM
This one is a Jetex, I just junked the bizzaro adapter pipe. I'm very happy with the exhaust overall, and would buy one again.