View Full Version : Need to borrow ecu

2010.05.24, 17:27 PM
So does anyone have a passat or vr6 ecu I can borrow that is any of the following part number.
1996 - 021 906 259 K
1997 - 021 906 259 K and 021 906 259 AA
1998 - 021 906 259 N
1999 - 021 906 259 N

Rabbit 16v
2010.05.24, 18:23 PM
Maybe. Are you going to bend it? Why do you need it?

2010.05.24, 21:06 PM
Maybe. Are you going to bend it? Why do you need it?

well I have an L code one. And at this point I am just trying things that might be the problem since the DIY only shows the ones listed, mine is not one of those.

Rabbit 16v
2010.05.24, 22:23 PM
Maybe you should start by addressing the problem and not throwing parts at it ;) What is the problem?

2010.05.25, 21:12 PM
So I have been attempting to solve the problem for a while now, I just happened to notice that my ecu code is not on the list of suggested ones to use with a corrado obd2 swap. Hence the asking for one that is.
The problem is that I get short to ground faults on all of my injectors, and when I check it with a multimeter with the 02 heater circuit fuse in I can see it on the meter. If I remove that fuse then It goes away when checked with the meter but I still get the codes. I also have no fuel pump run or prime. Oh and my 02 sensor heater circuit is shorted to ground too I see that with the multimeter all the time (fuse in or out).
So I have been trying to figure out why they could be affecting each other, and I don't see any reason they should. But then again I'm a ****ing idiot (that bends things), so maybe you could help me. I have checked and re checked all of my wiring and I cant find anything wrong (doesn't mean that there isn't just that I haven't found it) I got the harness used off of retardtex, so maybe it was ****ed with or who knows.