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2010.05.28, 12:08 PM
I will be attempting to fully restore a set of original BRM wheels (magnesium). I have never attempted this before, any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


2010.05.28, 18:21 PM
I'm doing a set of aluminum Rials from the 80s.
Is that a machine finish? Do you want to retain it?
If so, you're going to need a way to spin them up to do it right.

2010.05.28, 18:42 PM
Be very careful! Extremely rare, extremely cool wheels, and they can be brittle. I have heard of people restoring them and then at first air up when mounting tires, they explode and hurt people. thesamba would be more help, I haven't restored any OG BRM's. Used to hang out at Doug Berg's, he had piles of them all around his shop.

2010.05.28, 18:44 PM
I just had to google them- holy shit, those go for upwards of $8000 for a set of 4 now! Like I said, Doug had prolly 20-30 of them in his shop around '94, '95.

2010.05.28, 22:07 PM
you should pay skip to do these

2010.05.28, 23:52 PM
I say pay someone to help you... or do some serious research with guys that have experience, like on thesamba..

good luck though :Thumbup:

2010.05.29, 11:44 AM
certainly not something i'd want to cut my teeth on. magnesium does not handle like aluminum, not to mention the fact that it's quite flammable.

2010.05.30, 10:07 AM
PLEASE pay someone to restore these wheels. These are FAR to rare and awesome to ruin or mess up..

2010.06.01, 06:26 AM
Time is on my side. I think for now I'm just going to clean them the best I can... then go from there. I think crusty OG BRM's look better then new replica's anyway :lol:

I'll keep you posted.

Bart Taylor
2010.06.01, 11:34 AM
where in the hell did you score those

2010.06.01, 12:41 PM
where in the hell did you score those


2010.06.02, 06:51 AM
where in the hell did you score those


Not mine... only helping out.

2010.06.02, 15:21 PM
this looks a LOT like sacramento raceway. do I know this car?


2010.06.03, 06:33 AM
Could have been Orange County... I don't know. It's Mark Buehler's from Auto Haus in Downey, CA.

2010.06.03, 07:02 AM
well that answers that. could be pomona too.