View Full Version : Draining A/C for removal

2013.09.23, 14:42 PM
I understand Freon isn't good for the environment and I probably don't want refridgerant spilling all over my garage. I'm assuming I'll have to clear out all the refridgerant from the Benz's system before I can remove it? If so, is there a place around here that rents the vacuum pump tool(s) necessary to do this?

Rabbit 16v
2013.09.23, 21:12 PM
yeah, dont vent that shit to atmosphere. some places you can drive the car to, they evacuate it, then refill when you bring it back. I am not aware of any place that rents it. It is not a small machine by any means.

2013.09.24, 09:13 AM
It seems there's a couple places around Seattle who can do it on-site, I'll have to call around and see if they want to take on a job that's a lot smaller than what they're used to :) No commercial HVAC units or anything, just a 26-year-old car with a little bit of refridgerant that needs removing!

I've seen portable versions of the reclaimer tools online, but they cost $1300 :yikes: I can understand why these places wouldn't want to rent one out.

Rabbit 16v
2013.09.24, 09:53 AM
Yeah, I think I payed $1500 for mine and that was used. They are not cheap. We used to use some of the mobile guys but they seem to have thinned out over the years. That is what prompted us to buy a machine.