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2013.10.24, 13:29 PM
So the trusty GTI started making a loud knocking noise out of the blue the other day. I haven't had time to do any diagnostics yet, but I did take a not-very-good video of the symptom, just in case it is a common, known issue.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v117/arsigi/My%20Cars/th_IMG_3517.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v117/arsigi/My%20Cars/IMG_3517.mp4)

As you can see, it does vary with speed (not RPM), and also diminishes (though not entirely) when the clutch pedal is in... though I can see how that would not necessarily point in one direction or the other, thinking of either the transmission or one of the axles.

So, thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone recognizes it. :D

2013.10.24, 14:51 PM
Do you get a lot of movement? I have a lot of background noise right now, so I can't really get a good listen, but possibly a motor/tranny mount?

2013.10.24, 15:07 PM
Hmm, I hadn't thought of that possibility... seems plausible. Will add that to my list of things to check (as best I can!).

Rabbit 16v
2013.10.24, 18:35 PM
inner cv joint or balance weight on PS axle shaft.

2013.10.25, 07:26 AM
Interesting... how do you narrow it down to the passenger side, though? :lol: I am unfamiliar with balance weights... are they something that can just come loose, and be re-tightened?

(unless only the PS one has one, due to differences in length?)

Rabbit 16v
2013.10.25, 08:33 AM
only the PS has one. Your car may not even have one anymore. They cannot be refastened and need to be cut off once they lose the bond to the axle.

2013.10.25, 08:52 AM
I see! Speaking of seeing, would that be something that is readily apparent visually? Or is it hidden under one of the boots perhaps. I've just been trying to find pictures, to no avail.

Rabbit 16v
2013.10.25, 10:19 AM
The weight would be very evident if you looked at it. Again though, your car may not have one. Let me see if I can find a pic of it.

2013.10.25, 10:23 AM
Does it get worse when you're turning, especially under load?

Rabbit 16v
2013.10.25, 10:27 AM

check number 24

Rabbit 16v
2013.10.25, 10:29 AM
Does it get worse when you're turning, especially under load?

this also. an inner cv though may not change significantly during turning. It will change a fair amount though depending on load. Loud when accelerating and quiets up a bit during decel.

2013.10.25, 10:59 AM
Ah, great, thanks! I think I had noticed that before but didn't know what it was. Will give it a look-see when I can!