View Full Version : Clunking noise while accelerating and maintaining speed

2013.12.19, 22:55 PM
Trying to find the source of a recent clunking noise. Have an 05 Passat TDI Wagon, 124,000 miles.
Noticed it today. Getting a clunking noise from the front of the car while accelerating and maintaining 35-40mph. Then on the way home, it sounded like it was happening every tire rotation. As soon as I step on the brake, or go past 40mph, no noise.

I've read motor mounts, transmission mounts, upper and lower control arms, bushings, alignment, and tires. Just trying to find the solution before it gets huge

2013.12.20, 13:24 PM
Solved. Fresh Plasti-dipped wheels caused the lugs to loosen. Tightened them up and good to go

2013.12.20, 13:37 PM
Did you clean all the plasti-dip out of the lug seats? I imagine is just going to keep loosening up unless you do...

2013.12.21, 17:09 PM
No. We didn't, but plan to in the very near future.

Rabbit 16v
2013.12.22, 16:55 PM
dont know how I missed this thread. Glad you got it sorted though!