View Full Version : AC draining the battery?

dub boy
2013.12.27, 23:02 PM
My son has a 96 golf. Recently he went to start it and it wouldn't start. Battery was replaced new November of last year. Car starts immediately with a jump. Battery connections are clean and secure. Once running it stays running.

Here is the odd part;

His in-dash AC swith stays lit even if his car is off. Off as in the key is completely out of the igition. He says he hears a clicking coming from the engine bay which we narowed down to the AC clutch trying to engage. We unplugged that. If he turns his fan off the switch light goes off.


Rabbit 16v
2013.12.28, 00:02 AM
check the fan control module that VW wisely decided to locate directly below the vent for the coolant reservoir.... Unplug that and see if the light goes off. Then send broken module via rocket to Germany/Mexico.

dub boy
2013.12.29, 21:09 PM
I was thinking along the same lines. We checked those fuses and they were fine. He recently had some coolant service so what you say makes sense. I'll report back. Thanks.