View Full Version : Mk2 steering knuckle interchange

2014.01.20, 17:47 PM
This may have been gone over once before BUT what I read didn't really help.

89 Jetta GL. Bad bearing. No $$ to fix it right now. I have a 90 B3 Passat GL that's down for a trans and other things. I know the brakes are different bit would the knuckles swap if I swapped brakes? I also have a rabbit I could swap over if that works also. Ideas??

2014.01.21, 12:36 PM
you're asking if the '90 Passat GL's knuckles & brakes will swap to your '88 Jetta GL?

2014.01.22, 11:59 AM
Just the knuckle. From my 90 passes gl to much 89 Jetta gl. This would be a temporary deal while I waited for parts.

2014.01.22, 16:17 PM
different platforms, highly doubt they are compatible in any way.

2014.01.22, 17:42 PM
I'm pretty sure there's not a direct swap between a b3 and a mk2 gl. I know the later GLI's had larger front brakes that are the same (?) as what a corrado had, but even then I'm not sure if that matches what the passat had.

2014.01.23, 20:34 PM
damnit. i guess il;l ave to hit the yards this weekend and grab one. oh well

2014.01.26, 13:51 PM
picked up one from a 90 jetta. now the fun begins.

2014.01.26, 23:05 PM
You might have to calipers, rotors, steering knuckle (hub), and ball joints for it to work.

2014.01.27, 21:38 PM
yeah it was wrong. this blows. but i got a new bearing pressed intoday so its back together now.