View Full Version : mk2 8v coolant hose

2014.01.25, 19:04 PM
I'm needing to find a replacement hose for my g/f's mk2. I went to the local parts store here that specializes in Vw's and he couldn't seem to find it. The car has had quite a history so I'm not sure what random 8v is in it. It doesn't have AC hooked up. I can look at it more tomorrow and give you more information and pictures if you like, but this is the best info I can include for now.


2014.01.26, 23:06 PM
I think I found something closer to what it is.. It's apparently quite rare. Think it's g60 related.

2014.02.05, 09:10 AM
With all those oil cooler hoses...looks similar to the hoses I had on my 1.8(PL) 16v as well.

2014.02.06, 16:33 PM
I found two that might be it http://www.germanautoparts.com/Volkswagen/Jetta/Cooling/120/4