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2014.04.06, 13:43 PM
So some of you have probably seen the Corrado thread in which I found the lovely cylinder wall damage. So I'm now in a position that a full rebuild is imminent. Since I'm having serious thoughts of going full monty with a 3.0L (because Corrado), I want to make sure the shop I'm dealing with knows what they are doing. I want to speak with a couple shops to get an idea on what all I might be looking at before making a final decision. This and and inspection of the block/crank need to be completed before I can even order the slugs & bearings.

I also plan on contacting Techtonics & Bahn Brenner this week, but I figured Chris & the boys @ FT might have a recommendation in the Seattle/Tacoma area...which would save me a couple hours driving each way.

2014.04.06, 18:31 PM
Action Machine in N. Seattle bored out my VR6 to 2.9 (2nd factory overbore IIRC), no complaints at all. Brown's machine in Marysville did the head work, based on a recommendation from a coworker, and they also seemed to know what's up.

2014.04.07, 10:57 AM
Going to give Matrix Integrated a shout as well after chatting w/ Randy @ TT. For whatever reason I had thought they had moved.

2014.04.07, 13:50 PM
Hmm, well Matrix Integrated isn't looking too promising. Waiting on a call back. But sounds like they left the VR game 10 years ago or so. Justin wasn't even sure that they even had any of the tooling around anymore (or whoever did the machine work for them).

Benny, did you recall if Action Machine have the torque plate for the VR? I will probably try to give them a shout tomorrow.

2014.04.08, 16:18 PM
I never inquired about the torque plate, honestly I wasn't too worried about it. Might be a bigger deal going up to a 3.0, or if the motor is going to see hard use.

Rabbit 16v
2014.04.08, 22:16 PM
did you post this on the corrado FB page?

2014.04.09, 05:48 AM
Yeah I did. Thanks. I just have to see if there is a different phone number from what I've been able to find so far. (206) 763-2487 has been disconnected.

Rabbit 16v
2014.04.09, 09:28 AM
253.872.4945 is the new number

2014.04.10, 09:15 AM
Going to swing by Jim Green's Performance Center in Monroe tomorrow. They've done a few VRs, plus have decades of experience building race motors, so getting the proper clearance for the forged pistons will be right up their alley. They are the first place I think of for V8 stuff...but didn't even cross my mind to see if they worked on others. Still going to order the torque plate though. Jeremy at Matrix was stressing the importance of the torque plate on over-bores, even though most of the machine shops didn't feel that is was necessary (though they'd use it if they had it).

2014.04.10, 11:01 AM
you live in Bellingham.. and you're going to "swing by" Monroe :D

2014.04.10, 13:54 PM
Closer than Seattle or Portland.....

And I'm heading down to Seattle tomorrow night for a Mustang club meeting.....to tomorrow is technically "swinging by". :P