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2014.05.01, 17:24 PM
Drove the Caddy to Centralia for some training, today. Previous long trips (Oly to Montesano) have gone off without a hitch.

It was pretty hot, as you all may know, this afternoon. The temp gauge was pretty much dead in the center all the way home from Centralia. I pulled of I-5 in Lacey, and the engine shut off. Tried to restart it through two separate green lights, and got nothing. Sometimes the Caddy has hot start issues, so I wasn't too worried. Pushed the truck into a parking lot to let it cool off, but it wouldn't restart after 20 minutes of waiting.

I finally pushed it up a slight incline in the parking lot, and was able to pop the clutch to get it started. Over the next 4 miles, I heard a decently loud knock coming from the engine at idle and under light load. The knock would go away under heavy load in gears 2 & 3. Got home, lifted the hood, and I'm pretty sure the knock is coming from the passenger/pulley side of the engine. When driving, it almost sounds like a plastic knock, but under the hood not so much.


What I know about the engine is it is a CIS 1.6 bottom end with a G60 Head, titanium springs and retainers. I don't have a clue as to the engine's milage.

Rabbit 16v
2014.05.01, 19:35 PM
Any chance of a video?

2014.05.01, 20:04 PM

edit: apparently I fail at imbedding.

ENRGZR came by and said he thinks it's a rod knock. I sure hope it's not. I don't have the time or funds to rebuild/buy a swap.

Rabbit 16v
2014.05.01, 20:50 PM
yup, rodknock. sorry man. that sucks. I would take the drivebelt off just for good measure as there is an odd belt noise there as well. Could be a timing belt that is too tight as well though. Timing belt too tight wont cause the noise, but maybe something off with the alternator or water pump. Still sounds like a rodknock to me though.

2014.05.01, 21:09 PM
Alright. That was my worst fear. I may just swap the 1.8 from my Mk2 GLI into the Caddy, for now. Sucks I literally registered the truck yesterday.

2014.05.02, 10:13 AM

2014.05.04, 08:48 AM
Plans have changed. Johann picked up a 1.8 8v yesterday, so the plan is now to use his current 1.6 in my Caddy.

2014.05.04, 20:54 PM
Plans have changed. Johann picked up a 1.8 8v yesterday, so the plan is now to use his current 1.6 in my Caddy.

:thumbup: That's the plan. Sorry it's going to take a little bit before I can pull the 1.6 and give it to you. After all the recent engine "fun" :yikes: I want to rebuild the 1.8 8v before I fully trust it.

2014.05.07, 09:48 AM
I had a waterpump on my Mk1 that made one hell of a noise.

Edit: Yeah, what Chris said about removing the accessory belt.