View Full Version : My Mk3 Gti unlocks itself

2014.12.10, 14:13 PM
I haven't been driving it recently, because of the crappy headlight issue, but I've noticed that the car unlocks itself randomly. It doesn't have keyless entry, just the key. I keep opening the doors expecting my stereo to be gone, but everything is still there. Any ideas? Might be time to roll it into the garage and have a good, old fashioned VW wiring demon exorcism. :mad:

2014.12.10, 17:53 PM
does the mk3 use a pneumatic central locking system like mk2s used?

2014.12.10, 19:39 PM
Yep, I think it's a vacuum system.

Rabbit 16v
2014.12.11, 12:57 PM
I would check the door tumblers. They break and can sit in one position (possibly unlock) and cause this. Also, door jamb wiring.

2014.12.11, 16:13 PM
To clarify a bit, the car locks just fine, and will sit there locked for days on end. After some number of days passes, I notice it's unlocked again. If the locks were sticking in the unlock position, I'd expect it to not lock at all, and probably roll the windows down, yeah?

Rabbit 16v
2014.12.13, 23:46 PM
I dont think the PS door lock will roll the windows down. I could be wrong though. Mexiwagens have about 5 different door wiring configurations, so be aware. the manual also lies. Have you checked to be sure there is no moisture in the pump assy?

2014.12.14, 18:19 PM
Haven't touched it yet, going to roll it into the garage and get to work soon. I'm just guessing at this point. I'm wondering if there's a water leak or other issue that's causing multiple electrical problems.

2014.12.17, 13:07 PM
Rolled it into the garage last night and started tearing stuff apart. Yarded a metric ton of wet, composting leaves out of the raintray. That's not helping with drainage. :annoyed: I need to get some sort of dehumidifier to dry the car all the way out. I know my dirt bike stuff will just stay wet this time of year when stored in the garage.

I tested the passenger side door lock, and it does indeed roll the windows down. Battery had plenty of juice to start the car, and starting didn't sound weak, even though the car has been sitting a while.

There's some sort of oily residue on the front of the AC condenser. The system still has a bit of pressure, but it may have a small leak. I think I've got the UV pen and recharge kit, so I'll have to check that as well. The little jobs are stacking up, but at least I've got time and space to tackle them, now that I've got a decent daily driver.

2015.01.04, 20:20 PM
Passenger side window is now refusing to roll up no matter which switch I use. :banghead: Not sure if this is a regulator, or what. Getting a bit tired of working on this hoopty.

Rabbit 16v
2015.01.04, 21:40 PM
try plugging DS window motor into PS connector. Fast diag to tell you the issue.

2015.01.24, 20:55 PM
Passenger side window fixed itself after being in time out to think about its behavior.

The only thing that sucks more than an electrical problem is an intermittent electrical problem.