View Full Version : Need a quick aba 16vT question answered

Rabbit 16v
2014.12.28, 18:32 PM
Anyone know what the CR is going to be if I slap a 16v head on an ABA? The internets are not being very helpful. I blew the engine up in my vanagon last week two days after replacing the transmission I blew up.

So I figured more power is order, logically..

2014.12.30, 10:52 AM
ugh.., I remember talking about compression ratios for exactly this years ago.. don't remember now. It was something like 9:1 iirc, but I know that's not a helpful answer

Rabbit 16v
2014.12.30, 20:03 PM
Damnit! I suck for not following up. Its 8:1. got it sorted. parts on the way.

2014.12.30, 22:25 PM
that's quite the drop in compression. Isn't an aba with a counterflow 1.8 head going to run at around 10:1?

Maybe I'm just forgetting numbers like usual...

Rabbit 16v
2014.12.30, 23:04 PM
Yeah, that sounds about right. Might even be closer to 10.5:1. Need more area for extra valves. Think about the 16 piston crown that is flat with relief cuts just for the intake valves. Drop in compression means room for boost ;)

2014.12.31, 09:49 AM
I used to want to switch to an aba-16vT on the gti. That combo makes good sounds :D

2015.01.04, 20:22 PM
8.5:1 or so is what I remember. It'll probably run like the old Porsche 930 turbos. Absolute dog until the OMG TURBO!!!

Rabbit 16v
2015.01.04, 21:41 PM
Hence the ball bearing turbo ;)

2015.01.07, 06:55 AM
And from what I hear from the G60 Corrado guys, the OBD1 ABAs are the ones to have. Oil squirters, forged internals and such. But of course this you probably already know. :D

Rabbit 16v
2015.01.07, 12:01 PM
Yup, thats the bottom end I am using ;)