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2015.01.14, 22:16 PM
Looking for some help in finding the hose between the filler neck, and the fuel tank vent for a Rabbit Pickup. It's a bit different than the Rabbit and Cabby, in that it only goes between the neck and tank, according to the Bentley manual. It's hot a spring/metal coil that runs through the middle 1/3 of it.

My pickup has the correct hose, but it's either shrunken, or been cut in the past. Now, the truck pours fuel into the bed body panel if I've got more than a half tank of gas and take a left turn. It also stinks of fuel at the same level.

The hose in question is labeled #5 in this picture. The only website I have found that even mentions it, is the one this picture comes from, and I don't see the part actually for sale. Which is stupid annoying.



2015.01.15, 10:25 AM
What diameter is it? If it's small enough, maybe consider a length of fuel injection hose. The wire inside the hose is just to prevent it from collapsing under a vaccuum. FI hose may be rigid enough that it could prevent that anyway. Otherwise you may be able to talk to a hose/hydraulic shop for a length of hose that would be functional. I'm assuming it's the same diameter on both ends.

2015.01.15, 12:35 PM
I haven't taken any measurements, yet. Was really hoping for a replacement.

If one can't b sourced, I figured I would cut a few inches off, and extend it with some fuel safe plastic or steel tubing. I don't thing fuel injector line is anywhere near large enough to fit over the nipple on either end.

2015.01.15, 13:12 PM
I'd replace the whole thing if you can. I'm sure you can find hose/tubing that will work sold by the foot. If not at a local shop, McMaster-Carr has SAE J1527
ethanol compatible hose (http://www.mcmaster.com/#sae-hose/=vhbyg3).

Why change half of a failed & rotten hose?

2015.01.15, 14:21 PM
My goal isn't to change half of it. My goal is to put in an OEM hose to make it correct. Splicing in a gap filler would just be a bandaid.

2015.01.15, 17:16 PM
You can get fuel injector line in all manner of diameters, go to a Napa or Carquest, they'll have a much better selection than any of the major chain auto parts stores

2015.01.16, 09:08 AM
^ that will be a good option if an OEM replacement can't be found.

a nice chap in the UK had the same problem, and found the dimensions of the tube to be 5/8" ID and 3/4" OD. Anything over 3/4 OD, and it won't make it through the interior body wall.

2015.01.16, 09:15 AM
According to VagCat, it is part number 533201153 'breather hose with spring', followed by instructions to cut it to length (480mm)

http://i.imgur.com/AlHvmvv.png (http://imgur.com/AlHvmvv)

Call Bus Depot and see if they can actually get it: http://www.busdepot.com/533201153

2015.01.16, 12:30 PM
Outstanding, Tyler. Thank you.

Rabbit 16v
2015.01.18, 23:00 PM
sorry I am late to the game, but just to make things more interesting, 533 part number means Scirocco ;)

2015.01.19, 22:47 PM

Care to share the correct part number?

Rabbit 16v
2015.01.23, 23:10 PM
the part number is #7 from what you described. dimensions are also listed.