View Full Version : Been a while. i need a hand on a wiring issue.

2015.10.27, 19:18 PM
car is a 92 Audi 100. cooling fans are NOT working at all. fan switch, radiator and cap are new. the wiring at the switch is f'd though. the plug has been cut off and just rigged with female spades. i am not sure HOW the switch should be wired. does anyone have a diagram of the switch and wiring thats NOT in german??

2015.10.28, 12:15 PM
you found a german diagram? That could be easily translated..

2015.10.28, 22:42 PM
(admittedly I do not actually know that much about this car, but based on my experience with other VWs/Audis...)

Some quick googling shows the middle pin of the temp switch is the common. Make sure one of the leads coming in is a constant hot (but still fused), and get that on the middle pin. The other two... well, I'm not sure which is high and which is low. If you can figure out which color/stripe of wire on the fan is low/high, the wiring diagram should help get you to the correct connection. Post a scan of the diagram if you can, it'd help a lot.