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2016.01.31, 10:33 AM
I am very inexperienced when it comes to working on cars. I have always wanted to learn but the draw back to learning is learning from mistakes so I have been very hesitant to do much. Mistakes cost money and I don't like that. With my car being worth $3k at the most I don't feel it's needed to take to a shop so I am going to try to slowly learn to work on my car. I've gone away from the vortex as I haven't got the best advice on there.

With that said, my first quesiton is when you pull the oil pan on a 12v mk3 you clean the areas of the old gasket/sealant... when reinstalling can I just install a new gasket, just sealant or must I use both? If selant or both do I use RTV sealant?

Thanks guys, ill have more stupidity to come... :screwy:

2016.01.31, 10:56 AM
A gasket should seal on it's own, RTV/Silicone/etc is a bandaid for other problems. I'm not super familiar with the VR, but based on it's age, it should have a rubber pan gasket? There's definitely no need for a sealant on that, get both surfaces super clean, no debris or sealant of any kind left on there, wipe it down with some acetone, and bolt it back up. Check over the gasket first too, if there's any signs of damage, just replace it.

2016.01.31, 11:02 AM
Great thanks. Im buying a new gasket so no sealant and Ill just torque that pan to spec.

2016.01.31, 11:39 AM

2016.01.31, 12:47 PM
The chains parts list... every thread I find talks about parts needed just for the chain job:
oil filter and new oil
oil pan and gasket *i want to inspect and see if any junk in there
chain kit (chains, guides and tensioner bolt)
intake manifold gasket
valve cover gasket
rear main seal
timing cover o ring

Am I missing anything and will I need any parts for when after my transmission and clutch are removed? This is where I don't see any info in threads...
Do I need new crankshaft bolts for the flywheel to crank?
Must I replace the thermostat?
Do I need to do a coolant flush?

2016.02.02, 13:48 PM
I would definitely replace the thermostat housing. Those things fail quite a bit, and now there's an aftermarket metal one. People will also replace the "crack pipe" that runs from the water pump to the thermostat housing. Mine didn't fail, but it's cheap insurance. Spark plugs if they haven't been done in a while. Replace the vac line for the secondary air injection valve:


My gti was lowered and wore the oil pan pretty thin. I welded some plates to the bottom of the pan for armor and that worked.

Edit: Yes, you do need new flywheel bolts.

2016.02.11, 15:25 PM
Verify your new chain is a one piece chain...not the chinsy one w/ a master link. ;)

If you have the motor out while you're doing this...now is a prime time to check the condition of your motor mounts. I'm willing to bet they can probably stand to be replaced...as they one one component that most people overlook until they completely fail because it's not something you can visually see outside the car.

2016.02.21, 11:58 AM
Wish I had additional funds for the mounts, would be nice to get some nicer ones to also raise the engine slightly.