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2016.03.11, 22:39 PM
This is a video a friend sent me, a couple days ago. The driver's side inner tail light goes off on acceleration, and the outer light flickers a bit before dimming.

This only happens during acceleration, and can't be reproduced while stationary, or by manipulating the housings or wires by hand. I also checked the fuses, and no third party items are attached to the tail light wiring.

Thoughts? Car is a 2012 A3.


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2016.03.15, 06:36 AM
Turns out the outer tail light seal was bad, and allowed water to get in and corrode the bulb holder.

$74 fixed it.

2016.03.16, 12:39 PM
That was a weird one. Glad it was a fairly easy fix.

2016.03.18, 09:34 AM
yeah. pretty weird. I had a ton of people suggest the ground was faulty, even after telling them I had triple checked it. Glad I was right. ha!