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Rabbit 16v
2010.06.18, 16:25 PM
So my headliner is sagging on my MKII. I know, shocking isnt it??

Anyway, I need to fix it. No I am not using duct tape, staples, or thumbtacks. Anyone know what the best way to reglue it is? Thanks!

2010.06.18, 17:56 PM
there's a specific glue that people have recommended from 3M that is supposed to work well. Can't remember what it's called. You'll see a few recommendations online.. some are rather incorrect. I remember that much :sly:

The problem with sagging headliners is that it's usually the foam that's falling apart/deteriorating.. not the glue itself. So in order to properly fix a headliner you have to remove the foam and then reapply a new/clean headliner.

2010.06.18, 18:14 PM
It's 3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive. And it does work better to remove the headliner material from the foam backing. Because you need to sand all the old adhesive off the foam to get a good bond.

Rabbit 16v
2010.06.18, 18:53 PM
Thanks guys. have either one of you done this? Basically, the problem is that the fabric from the headliner has separated from the styrofoam part. I hope that makes sense. I did use 3M Super 90 once on another MKII headliner.. the results were not desirable and it sagged a few months later. Not as bad but it sagged. So this is on the GTD and I am really torn between just fixing what is already there, or changing material to something similar to the later GTD or GTI stuff. Mine is white right now and its OEM. I would prefer black though. I think if I need to take the whole thing out and all that I will definitely change the color and material.

So that said, I guess maybe the temp fix is to attempt to reglue it in its existing location, or the permanent fix is to remove the whole thing, strip the fabric off, sand the styrofoam, spray the glue (I am unsure what glue to use as the Super 90 tends to be a little caustic to certain fabrics, so I guess that will depend on the fabric I use), and put it back after a day or so to let it cure?

Thanks again for the input. I am not an upholstery guy ;) Even if I do know how to replace the top on a cabby and have a sewing machine :p

2010.06.18, 19:27 PM
I guess maybe the temp fix is to attempt to reglue it in its existing location, or the permanent fix is to remove the whole thing, strip the fabric off, sand the styrofoam, spray the glue (I am unsure what glue to use as the Super 90 tends to be a little caustic to certain fabrics, so I guess that will depend on the fabric I use), and put it back after a day or so to let it cure?

all of this :thumbup:

I've done this when I had my Jetta. I used the wrong glue and it started sagging pretty quickly in a few places. I also used a rather stretchy & porous fabric, so it just pulled away from the roof in some places. I'd try to get ahold of 'wishihadavw', or whatever his name is on the vortex. He's done numerous headliners and I know people have been very happy with his work. I'd probably trust what he says about what glue to use over others, and, iirc, he does not recommend that 3M glue.

2010.06.18, 20:15 PM
I agree with joel about contacting wishuhadmyvw(I think this is his screen name). I am pretty sure he did brent's car (90dub). But I just talked to both my brothers who have a lot more experience with headliner's than me. Both said 3m super 90 works great. And the reason some people shy away from it is because if you spray it to heavy on to a light colored fabric or a really porous fabric it will bleed through and stain the material or as joel stated it fails.

They both said that you really need to make sure all of the old ahesive is gone and that it is better to have it all the way out of the car. And that you need to make sure to spray it evenly on the foam and to spray a very light coat on to the fabric itself. And wait till it tacks up before pressing them together and letting it completlely dry before reinstalling it in the car. So overnight or 24 hours. And a extra set of hands while doing all of this is golden.

2010.06.20, 12:04 PM
I've heard of people using spray contact cement from Weldwood with good results.

Rabbit 16v
2010.06.20, 15:17 PM
Ok, so I take it this is a situation where I should plan to spend a Saturday on it, drive a different car home and reassemble on a Monday? I dont go to the shop often on Sundays so that would be ideal curing time. yes?

2010.06.20, 19:50 PM
well you're just taking the upper interior out... so you wouldn't need to leave the car anywhere. But yeah, the more time you give the glue to set the better before putting the headliner back in.

Rabbit 16v
2010.06.20, 20:21 PM
good point. however, i know that if i just take it out, there is a good possibility that i will forget about it and leave it out. i dont want to be that guy ;)

Rabbit 16v
2010.06.20, 20:23 PM
Plus, the bus needs some driving put on it.. ;) I will wear glasses as long as the rain lets up. nothing like cruising in the slow lane with the windshield open..

2010.06.20, 23:05 PM
you have a bus?
I give up...

Rabbit 16v
2010.06.21, 07:36 AM
1967 Deluxe ;)

Rabbit 16v
2010.07.03, 11:57 AM
Ok, headliner is out. It is cracked in the RR corner of the sunroof opening and split where the rear view mirror goes. Shitty. So, after pulling it all out, it looks like the fabric has shrunken in a couple of place and has some tiny tears in it. Now I am contemplating replacing the fabric. What should I use? I would prefer black and even better something similar to what came on the later GTI 16vs. I dont want it to fade as I only want to do this once.

Johnny brought me some 3m super 80. Will that work as an adhesive?

Thanks for any and all input guys! :beer:

2010.07.03, 17:54 PM
Unfortunately, all I know about the 3M adhesives is that only one or two of their products actually work well for headliners, and I don't remember which that is. I know Mr. Nobody recommended 3M Super 90 above... which probably is a stronger adhesive or something.

Not sure on the fabric.. I looked around for something that looked relatively OEM as well and didn't have much luck. :(

Rabbit 16v
2010.07.03, 18:24 PM
Ok thats what I was thinking as well. I am now leaning toward changing the fabric design. I am a little on the fence. If i do change the fabric design it will be changed to a German flag with the colors going from front to back. I am not doing plaid, suede or any of that crap that everyone else has done.

After seeing the recent post about wishuhadmyvw on that other site, I am hesitant. but hey, people make mistakes so I am not completely opposed to using him. then there is that whole part about how its only one side of the story. I just dont want to screw it up. Upholstery is not my forté. i will send him a message and see what he says.

thanks again for the feedeback :beer:

2010.07.03, 19:14 PM
you mean this thread? http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4903671-Beware-of-wishIhadAcoupe
that's someone else... looks like it centers around the Portland area.

2010.07.03, 21:11 PM
I don't know about the 3M 80. I know everybody says not to use 3M 70 and recommands the 3m 90. The german flag idea sounds cool only proplems I see with it is finding the exact same material in the 3 colors. And you will need to find somebody thats really good with a sewing machine to sew them together. So the seams are not noticeable.

Rabbit 16v
2010.07.05, 17:20 PM
Ok, well seeing as how I am not a seamstress, I sent a message to wishuhadmyvw. We will see what he says. After recently replacing a top on a cabby, I dont want to sew or glue anymore ;)

2010.07.05, 20:54 PM
see if you can get him on here :P
he's worth having around for questions like these. He helped me get my rear speakers installed in the gti, among other things.. dude knows his stuff pretty well.

Traffic Jam Zombie
2010.07.14, 14:52 PM
Yup, Sam is REAL good people. He's been helping me with my ragtop & headliner install/reupholster situation and has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. He is hella busy though....I don't know when he sleeps, frankly.

Chris...call me if you want some help with this. I has moor naw-lej I canz sharez...:nuts: