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2010.07.28, 07:53 AM
The ESP light came on in my girlfriends 05 2.0 Jetta. I've been google searching and can't seem to find an answer other than limp mode but the car runs fine and I don't know that the 2.0 goes into limp mode. I assume it's probably some sensor just not sure which one. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

2010.07.28, 09:00 AM
Abs sensor, maf, etc. Scan it.

Rabbit 16v
2010.07.28, 18:16 PM
Codes. You need to post them. Specifically the ones from the ABS and Engine.

2010.07.28, 20:26 PM
Can't find my code reader and the light went off. Gonna wait and see if it comes back on.

Rabbit 16v
2010.07.28, 22:35 PM
codes are still there. get em while they're hot

2010.07.29, 01:23 AM
added the 'technical' thread prefix ;)

2010.08.16, 01:54 AM
Jazzy go to Schucks they have a code reader doesn't Sean have one u live right next to the shop what did he say sensor?