View Full Version : who would i talk to about a 1.9tdi swap in my 77rabbit

2010.08.15, 03:15 AM
I want to find a shop that has done the swap before 1.9tdi from a mk3 jetta in a 77rabbit and does anybody know what it might Cost and I want it to look like this thanks


2010.08.15, 03:28 AM
well at least Jeff has someone who looks up to him :D

his swap is super clean.. he spent a long time doing it all on his own. He also swapped a mk4 1.9L TDI into a mk4 2.0 wagon.. that was fun :D

get ahold of Chris at Fine Tuning. He's on here as well (Rabbit 16v). He's done a few tdi swaps in his day :P

2010.08.15, 03:49 AM
Good to know I went to school with cody from fine tuning ill have to give them a visit. no idea of cost what will be? I will have some money for this later in the year. I want the mpg !!!!

2010.08.15, 04:11 AM
no idea on cost... all depends on how much the engine & parts cost, and how long it takes to do the swap. My thinking is that it should be a relatively easy & quick swap into a mk1, but then I'm no expert ;)

2010.08.15, 09:40 AM
Jeff will sell you his car...

2010.08.15, 10:15 AM
Really what would he want for it cuz I wouldn't mind a finished car and give my car to my gf..... is Jeff on the forum

2010.08.15, 11:06 AM
yes, his screen name is "lagomorph"

Rabbit 16v
2010.08.15, 13:32 PM
Depending on what Jeff wants for his car, it might be more economical to buy his car than pay for a swap. I know, talking myself out of work here... :banghead:

There are various factors to consider when discussing a swap. things like power upgrades can lead into more costs such as converting to a cable shift style trans. We did a rabbit truck a while back and set him up as a stage 3 car, he needed to upgrade the trans. That truck is wicked fast.

I am currently working on a TD swap in my MKII Scirocco (I already converted it to diesel, but it didnt have enough power). If you want to come by and check it out, you are more than welcome. Or if you just want to chat about things, thats cool too.

2010.08.15, 15:13 PM
How much did that run the caddy owner I'm trying to get ideas I would like to keep my car but if Jeff isnt in Hurry then I might just have to pick it up

Rabbit 16v
2010.08.15, 15:46 PM
Well, he installed the engine (aka bolted it into the truck). We got all the electronics up and running and did the upgrades along with the trans swap (rebuild with diff) and I think he ended up paying us about 7k. Its kinda hard to break it down cause we did a MKII dash swap and lots of cluster work, brakes, and a bunch of other things while we were working on it.

2010.08.15, 17:26 PM
yes, his screen name is "luvmuffin"

Wow, I though I was the only on that called him that.

2010.08.15, 21:59 PM
That's not that bad I could bolt in the motor its the electronics I would want u to do anyways I wouldn't want bigger brakes about how long did it take u guys to do it.. as nice as it would be to have a new car I want to Finnish a project lol ill def swing by soon would a 1.8t be cheaper cuz that would get decent mpg cuz I've thought of that too

2010.08.16, 00:16 AM
but it didnt have enough power

duh :D

2010.08.16, 12:28 PM
any word ? Does anybody have a 1.8t swap in there mk1 that wants to talk about it lol and about how much did it cost

Rabbit 16v
2010.08.16, 12:39 PM
1,8t will be cheaper for sure. TDIs are 'spensive!

2010.08.16, 18:30 PM
haha @ my pic :)

2010.08.16, 21:17 PM
Rough cost of putting a 1.8t in the 77

Rabbit 16v
2010.08.17, 18:09 PM
that would depend on lots of factors. things like do you want a stock install with a used engine? or do you want a new engine? do you want it on MS? Its kinda hard to give a close estimate. I would guesstimate somewhere between 4 and 10k depending on what you want

2010.08.22, 01:21 AM
I talked to Jeff tonight, mentioned this thread but thought it was on the vortex (I know I know... sorry Joel). I'll let him know it was on this forum. The bunny is for sale, complete as is shown in the pic. I'll let him tell you the price.

2010.08.22, 01:30 AM
I talked to Jeff tonight, mentioned this thread but thought it was on the vortex (I know I know... sorry Joel). I'll let him know it was on this forum. The bunny is for sale, complete as is shown in the pic. I'll let him tell you the price.


2010.08.22, 04:06 AM
Lol nope pnwfahren lol I'm not on kotex any mo :Plol

2010.08.25, 21:40 PM
yes my car is for sale.
I think it's the same amount of work to put a 1.8t in vs a TDI.
I'm asking 12k for the car, complete, as seen at waterwerks.
You can't build it (paying someone) with all the stuff I have on it for that.
You'd realistically be at 12k once you bought the donor car( about 4k) and paid the labor (about 8k).
Now do your suspension, brakes, (2k)
get your interior redone
buy chrome bumpers (1k)
buy rare wheels and matching steering wheel (2k)
good luck on the amplilux headlights (500-750)
buy a chip and larger injector nozzles (400-600)

and pay to have your paint detailed like whoa.

Rabbit 16v
2010.08.26, 15:15 PM
You forgot to include the price of the car pre-swapped :p

2010.08.29, 22:10 PM
I guess that was enough to scare him away. LOLZ0rZ

Rabbit 16v
2010.08.29, 22:39 PM
After all the shit done to that car, 12k is very reasonable. You have my vote :beer:

2010.09.09, 02:23 AM
I'm not scared don't have that kind of money I want to spend 5to7k so what can I afford with this budget open to other ideas non diesel also good luck jeff wishing I had 12k