View Full Version : new motor idea let me know what u think

2010.09.07, 18:09 PM
2.0 aba bottom end itbs from usrt a cross flow head 16v pressure plate new clutch 5 spd no more cis work to be done at fine tuning hopefully should be fun in my rabbit

Rabbit 16v
2010.09.07, 18:22 PM

2010.09.07, 20:01 PM
Individual throttle bodys

2010.09.08, 02:17 AM
How much do u think ill spend cris pm me if u want cuz I'm gunna need start talking with u about this

2010.09.08, 15:29 PM
not to piss in your wheaties, but you maybe should start with your budget, and then figure out what you can reliably build. Then, add more power as you can afford it.
Seems like you have no direction, and just want to build something.

Rabbit 16v
2010.09.08, 17:32 PM
Jeff is absolutely correct. A base number of what you want to throw at it is a good idea. That way we (or whoever does the work) can work everything together so that you can get the most out of what you are spending. Backtracking can happen a lot in a project if your goal doesnt coincide with your budget.

Sorry I havent PMed you, I kinda suck at that sometimes.

2010.09.09, 01:54 AM
Ok then I have 5 to 7k

2010.09.09, 02:02 AM
I know I want an 8v with one of these choices turbo super or itbs
The last 2 are my faves not looking for crazy power I'm tryin to get some feed back
hear.what people have the say

2010.09.09, 02:14 AM
Oh ya what do u want for your car Jeff ?

2010.09.09, 07:56 AM
Do you just have money you want to spend? You're jumping all over the map here.

Set a goal and go from there. And, not to be the grammar police but punctuation would REALLY help to understand what you're saying.

2010.09.09, 08:54 AM
I type all this on my phone sorry I'm not puting a ..... and I have a few ideas on the motor and I have some people I've been talking to about the ideas I have 3 ways I would like to go but I need to figure out if I can afford it tho