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2010.09.11, 07:07 AM
I have 2 cars with engine bays that are covered in this stuff. 20 years old. Lots of threads on the 'net about it. Anyone had any personal experience getting this crap off?


[legally] US bound cars get sprayed with it to prevent rust and corrosion on the boat
my blue wagon doesnt have it, but the e320 and the e30 both do and i want it out of the engine bay

i've seen people suggest thinner, wd40, kerosene, stoddard solvent, wurth citrus, diesel, steam...
i've tried thinner, brake cleaner and wd40 with mediocre success


2010.09.11, 07:08 AM
yellow goo on my engine. yes this is filthy. 215k miles of me not the owner will do that to a car.


2010.09.11, 20:30 PM
Yeah that stuff is crazy!

I've cleaned and cleaned old rifles that had that stuff on them and it never went away. Every time we'd take them out "plinking" it would find its way out.

I think steam would be your best bet with some solvent? Thinking that since heat made it mobile.

2010.09.11, 20:56 PM
Thermite will take it off in no time.

2010.09.11, 22:31 PM
someone mentioned to me tonight to use this


2014.04.06, 13:25 PM
Another thing I found works pretty well and isn't abrasive to surrounding materials... PB Blaster, along with a nylon brush and a non-metallic scraper for the heavier build up areas.