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2010.09.23, 12:05 PM
So i bought an 83 vanagon 1.9l gas water cooled 4 speed a month ago. after thinking there was a clutch problem i pulled the tranny and yes, the clutch was toast. so i orderd a new one from van cafe and it was wrong. turns out mine was made in jan. 1983 thru March 1983. so i sent back the 9" clutch and got the 8 1/2" clutch. after putting it in, i still do not have 3rd and 4th gear. im thinking it is actually the tranny and not the clutch at this point. how hard is it to find one or is there a way to swap out for a tranny with a 9" clutch since those are more avalible or should i try to find the same one. with that note does anyone have one to sell or any ideas to try?

2010.09.23, 13:18 PM
I would check the linkage and alignment before replacing the trans

Rabbit 16v
2010.09.23, 18:51 PM
ok, so the plate that holds the linkage to the side of the trans. did you put that on the casting tab toward the front of the van or the rear?

The tranny does not care what kind of clutch it has, either setup will work just fine.

Did you have 3/4 before? What do you mean you do not 'have' 3/4? It doesnt go in?

I am here to help.

2010.09.24, 09:49 AM
give me a call when you have a minute at work. its hard to explain over email

2010.10.04, 09:17 AM
i put it towards the rear just like it was. should i try the other way around. and i never had 3rd or 4th when i bought it. it goes into 1st and 2nd fine and reverse. but when you try to go to 3rd or 4th it goes in perfect but when you let off the clutch there is nothing. its liek a gear without anything in it. almost like the clutch is missing. it jsut revs up... I have no clue and am about to pull the trans and see if there are even gears in there. hahaha

Rabbit 16v
2010.10.04, 11:40 AM
Sounds to me like you need a transmission. 3rd/4th slider hub on vanagon trannys are known failure points. It is possible that it failed on the previous owner and they just held it in gear with a bunjee cord or similar device until it popped out of gear too many times and lost the teeth.

have you drained the trans fluid and looked at it? There should be plenty of evidence to confirm my suspicion if you look at the fluid.

2010.10.04, 13:14 PM
not yet. i will tonight. do they sell rebuild kits for these or is it cheaper to just run to the junk yard. i already bought a brand new clutch kit and fluid.

Rabbit 16v
2010.10.04, 18:58 PM
the problem with rebuilding it yourself is that you need a bunch of special tools. AFAIK, there are no 'kits' being sold out there. It might be best if you get a used one if you are strapped. If you can swing it, talk to Daryl @ aatransaxle.com. he is a super guy and does a shit ton of vanagon trannys.

2010.10.05, 08:39 AM
well if anyone has one for cheap let me know! i already have the old one out

2010.10.07, 07:13 AM
nobody has a spare or knows of one lying around that someone wants to sell???

Rabbit 16v
2010.10.07, 08:15 AM
That may be a hard one to find. You could always talk to Daryl and see what he would charge to fix it. I know he has the parts it needs.

2010.10.07, 14:08 PM
a little too expensive for me right now and he doiesnt sell parts. ill keep looking at a junk yard or in the dub community