View Full Version : 2.0l 16v torque specs needed!!

2010.09.23, 22:37 PM
I just picked up a 90 passat with 2.0 16v belt slipped bent valves need to put new belt and head on, anyone know of a "how to" head gasket or anything like that and torque specs for the head bolts. Anything helps lol thanks guys!! o and the passat is black with blacked out windows short shift an h&r coilovers that are maxed out its a sweet car thats why i bought the car and want to put the work into it.

Rabbit 16v
2010.09.24, 06:22 AM
Thats my old car. Please let me know what you find out about the timing belt. it only had 10k on it when I replaced it.

head bolt torque is as follows- 40Nm 60Nm then two 90 turns

2010.09.24, 08:31 AM
The teeth got eatin off the belt so the bottom end would turn but the timing belt wouldnt, but the alt water pump all that was still turning so it just must have been a fluk deal but i have new belt head gasket kit and head to put on just needed to know what you just told me lol but ill be working on it all day tomorrow so should have it up and going again by monday at the latest.

Rabbit 16v
2010.09.24, 09:44 AM
thats really wierd. was the belt oil soaked or anything? any signs of something getting under the covers? you shouldnt need to do a water pump while you are in there as I did that when I did the belt. also, the tensioner should be failry new as well. also, check the keyway in the crank sprocket to make sure nothing wierd happened to it.

if you have any questions about the car, I can tell you all that I know befor eI sold it. I had it for about 6 years and did a shitton worth of work to it (new heater core, new rack, etc). It was my wifes car before she upgraded to an A4, so it was one of those cars that you want to make damn sure that its not going to break down. I didnt want one of THOSE phonecalls... ;)

2010.09.25, 08:04 AM
Dude its funny it was your wifes car because, the car is going to be my wifes ha! and i know exaclty what you mean about the phone call thats the last thing you want to happen..

I really didnt notice a whole lot of oil in the covers just lots of rubber and teeth everywhere, so not to sure what happen, im just about to get started tearing into it more so ill let you know what i find! and thanks for the help!!

2010.09.28, 05:50 AM
Got the car going last night i think i might be off a noch on the belt since the timing is of a bit but other then the little bit of delay and lack of coolant it runs pretty damn good so just have to do a little bit of tweaking things and will be good to go,

And not to sure how or why or what happen but the timing belt was missing a good amount of teeth missing on is so that was what happen again not to sure why that happen but o well, and the funny thing is i dont think any valves were damaged so i dont think i had to put on the new head but eh did anyway ha!

Rabbit 16v
2010.09.28, 10:56 AM
Did you check the crank sprocket? Those can strip and cause the timing to be off even though it looks normal.

thats really wierd about the teeth missing. for the life of me I cant think of how that could have happened unless there was a defect in the belt itself.

The car does run pretty nicely and it drives pretty nice as well. it has some bump steer though due to the lowness.

2010.09.29, 17:43 PM
well im not to sure yet what is up with the timing yet but its nothing big i am sure its something simple

And havent really got to drive the car b/c dude i got the car from put it on steel wheels and the tires rub on the coils so it sits till payday....

Rabbit 16v
2010.09.29, 18:41 PM
perhaps he still has the rotas to sell you? they needed front tires, but they NEVER rubbed on anything...much...

2010.10.01, 20:05 PM
he said he had sold them.. i think i am just going to buy some spacers just to get around till i find some wheels i want.

2010.10.02, 22:10 PM
The car is tuned in and running amazing, just got to swap out the wheels and swap out the coolant bottle it cracked so its puking coolant out the side, O! and new check stick... set the head on it when pulling it off :/ woops but ya lol thats it :)