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2010.11.09, 07:20 AM
So i got the new trans in and it works good. but when i am driving it it feels slugish and when i floor it to start up a hill it kind of sputters a bit. i changed the plugs, cap and rotor. i was thinking about doing a new fuel filter in her today. any other suggestions of what to look for?

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.09, 12:20 PM
did this happen immediately after changing the trans?

2010.11.09, 12:30 PM
not sure. never actually got to really drive the van before cause it was a bad tranny.

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.09, 12:52 PM
start with both fuel filters and check the flow out of the tank. basically, take the hose off the tank and verify it has good flow. the fuel tanks on those can get gummed up and restrict fuel to the pump. Is the fuel pump loud?

also verify function of the throttle switch and check ignition timing.

also check resistance of the CTS against the graph in the manual. CTSs go bad all the time.

2010.11.09, 13:15 PM
The pump is silent. i got new filters so i will change those tonight. when i am in the back and pull on the throttle cable it revs up good and fast. jsut when there is a load on it it kinda studders.

2010.11.09, 13:22 PM
also i remember the o2 sensor is messed up. the wires are cut. could that play the roll?

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.09, 13:28 PM
could be the o2. unplug it and see how it runs. the other problem could be the mass air flow meter. if its the mass air meter, megasquirt is cheaper ;)

2010.11.09, 13:49 PM
how do i check to seee if its the MAM? and what is mega squirt?

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.09, 14:07 PM
megasquirt is standalone engine management. it was kind of a joke.

there is a procedure in the book on how to test the MAM. You need a multimeter.

2010.11.09, 14:22 PM
alright ill loook into it and see what it could be.

2010.11.09, 14:37 PM
Kind of off topic of how its running but it is on topic with "Vanagon problems."

Have you replaced the fuel fitting that goes thru the firewall on the back right side of the engine compartment?
If no, you should do that or rig something to replace it.

That is all.

2010.11.09, 14:39 PM
no i have not. why do i need to do that?

2010.11.09, 17:24 PM
They are known to fail and blow gas all over your hot engine which equals FIRE!

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.09, 17:36 PM
His van is a pre 86 so I dont think it has that firestarter option. might be worth taking a look at though

2010.11.09, 17:38 PM
Ahhh, I assumed they all had them.

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.09, 20:24 PM
Never hurts to check anyway. I just do not recall digijet vans having the firestarter. Well, that particular firestarter. There are the other ones though...

2010.11.10, 06:58 AM
so a bit confused. when i rev the engine up from the actuall engine (usuing the throttle linkage) it revs up fast and perfect, when i am in the drivers seat and try its slow and pretty unresponsive. not a fast rev. any thoughts now

2010.11.10, 23:08 PM
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Rabbit 16v
2010.11.14, 11:19 AM
I guess I dont understand. Are you saying that the throttle pedal has resistance in its travel vs actuating the throttle at the engine?

2010.11.14, 21:11 PM
I think I read it as the engine revs freely and without any apparent issues when he does it from the engine, but when doing it from the pedal he feels like the engine hesitates or doesn't rev freely.

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.14, 22:13 PM
So, are we talking about revving it under load vs. revving it without load?

2010.11.14, 22:19 PM
Does that year Vanagon have the throttle cable that is like a brake cable on a mountain bike?
Maybe its gunked up to cause resistance in the pedal to the throttle linkage?

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.14, 22:21 PM
no. throttle cable is same for all wasserboxers.... unless autofail. then there are two. but we know that this van does not have the autofail option.

2010.11.15, 07:29 AM
no it does not feel gumed up. just like there is a big delay from when i push the pedal down till the motor revs and when i floor it it kinda hesitates and doesnt rev up very fast. but when i go to the engine and manually rev it it is fast and crisp.

2010.11.15, 07:45 AM
is there simply a delay before the engine starts to rev, or is there a hesitation where the engine starts revving immediately, but doesn't rev freely?

2010.11.15, 07:57 AM
both. there is a delay im sure just the length of the cable to the engine but there is a hesitation while reving up the engine from the pedal.

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.15, 16:28 PM
not when moving?

2010.11.16, 07:02 AM
either when i am moving or stopped. more noticable when driving

Rabbit 16v
2010.11.17, 11:46 AM
hmm, thats a tough one. probably would need to see it to get an idea of what is wrong with it.

2010.11.17, 12:31 PM
ya i have no clue. i dont wanna drive it down that far to seattle till i have someone who knows more then me come have a beer and give it a glance. ya know. but i do still have to bring my jetta in to finish the 6 speed swap. i still have no reverse lights, cruise control and have the engine light on. hahahha hopefuly i will do that soon.