View Full Version : Jetta Problems. need help!!!

2010.12.27, 09:39 AM
02 Jetta 1.8t with a 6 speed swap. completly randomly and not too often when applying the brakes and coming to a stop the car just dies. then when i go to turn it on it takes about 15 seconds and the EPC light turns on. if i shut it right back off and restart it, it is normal. that happened randomly every few weeks. now when i was driving on the freeway last night, the car hickuped and the epc light came on. all the way home it would randomly hickup. WTF. any help please!!!

2010.12.27, 11:14 AM
I hear breathing into a bag curse hiccups. Not to sure what the EPC light is but it sounds like a sensor might be failing. If the car has a speed sensor but that might be what is causing the problem. Sorry I don't get to play with the newer ones very often so not as adapt on troubleshooting them.

trip permit
2010.12.27, 11:37 AM
Sound like darth vader breathing? My friends 1.8T was doing that..

Rabbit 16v
2010.12.27, 14:13 PM
Do you have VAG-COM?

2010.12.27, 14:16 PM
no remmeber i still have to bring the car back to you to finsih the work on the 6 speed swap. you were having trouble with the computer coding or something. i think maybe next week i will have a day to drop it off to you. it needs teh cruise control and reverse lights wired up still. its been a whiel but i just have not had time to bring it back. maybe if i sell it fast i can take the money io already paid you and have you work on the vanagon instead! hahahhaa

Rabbit 16v
2010.12.27, 14:53 PM
lol! Well if you drive it down tomorrow for the fuel pump, I can at least scan it and see what codes it has. that will give some direction as to where the problem lies..

2010.12.27, 14:55 PM
alright ill do that!

2010.12.28, 10:13 AM
ill be by Thursday at about 4:15 with the jetta. i am meeting that guy at your shop for my old transmission and ill grabt he fuel pump at the same time. thanks again!