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2011.01.01, 09:18 AM
Does anyone know what this light is? It's under the low fuel light and I can't seem to find it in the manual or on the net. It came on on my GF's 2005 Jetta GL. She took this pic with her phone and it went off before she got back home for me to get a good pic.


Rabbit 16v
2011.01.01, 11:22 AM
You are low on turtles..

trip permit
2011.01.01, 12:07 PM
She is driving too slow.

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.01, 12:20 PM
Seriously though, a better pic would help. Unless of course it looks exactly like a turtle, in that case, I stick to my previous post :p

2011.01.01, 14:45 PM
It sure looks like a turtle too me!:confused:

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.01, 16:37 PM
Do you have VAG COM?

2011.01.01, 17:58 PM
Nope. I thought it looked like a turtle and told her it was just reminding her it was slow.

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.01, 18:51 PM
Rofl! well if you get the whole scanned, I bet the problem that caused the code will show up. It will also tell you what time of day and what speed ;) If you get to Seattle I can scan it for you with a printout. No charge.

2011.01.10, 05:56 AM

In all seriousness, it appears to be a "loose gas cap" light. here is the thread...

2011.06.26, 05:54 AM