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2011.01.27, 20:25 PM
I sent an email to Unitronics, but maybe you guys could help with the feedback too.

I just recently finally got my car back on the road after it had been down for about a month. Originally, was running an OBX/Ebay mani/DP, cracked, bad exhaust leak for the wastegate pipe. I bought new CTS turbo mani/dp and wastegate and installed it, took it to the muffler shop and had them weld up a pipe to connect the DP to the rest of the exhaust. My Innovate wideband is flashing 7.4 for the a/f (I believe it doesn't read below that). This is at idle, as well as driving regularly or under boost (I'm unsure about full boost, as it's icey out, I break traction easily). If I let up on the accelerator and let it coast in gear, it will reach 22.4 (which is what it use to do). But what scares me is the idle/regular driving, the last thing I want to do is wash the rings and tear into the internals (at least, not yet). I thought maybe it was just the wideband that was reading incorrectly, but I can smell the fuel. And, if I'm idling for a while, or driving in stop and go traffic, it will fall on it's face and die. I never had this issue until after the exhaust setup, before it was running 10-11.5 under boost, and fluctuating normally. What could I have done during the install that would make it do this? The only thing I could think of was maybe the software had to re-learn the setup? Any ideas? Here's a quick rundown of other mods:
1.8T AEB 20v, CTS Turbo T3 exhaust manifold, 3" CTS 02 downpipe, a T3/T4 50 trim w/ .48 hotside, Precision PW39 WG, Walbro 255lph inline fuel pump, Bosch 440cc injectors, Aeromotive adjustable FPR, Unitronics 440cc BT software, manual boost controller set to 20psi, running 90octane with 1/2 bottle Torco per tank bringing it to apprx 93-94. It's in a '92 VW B3 Passat Syncro wagon.

Any help would be appreciated, as this is my daily driver. I'm replacing the vacuum hoses from the MBC/turbo/WG Saturday, as well as switching in a new set of NGK plugs I just got that were recommended from 034 Motorsport.

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.27, 20:30 PM
cool car!!

so have you checked for codes?

2011.01.27, 22:46 PM
Thanks... and no, I haven't... I don't have a VAGCOM reader, and I don't know where the port is at :banghead: I'm going to see if I can locate it Saturday when I'm changing the plugs and putting the e-brake on the R32 rear brakes.

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.28, 10:38 AM
if the swap was done correctly, the port should be under the ebrake boot. you have to pop up the whole plastic jobbie that holds the ebrake boot and there should be a black plug and a white plug. you will need an adapter unless the swapper converted it to the OBD2 style plug... but thats where its supposed to be. perhaps you can run it by a FLAPS and have them check it for codes?

2011.01.28, 11:59 AM
FLAPS? What's that? Just talked with the guy that built it, it has an OBDII style port under the dash, so shouldn't be too hard to find. Just need to find someone local that has a reader now.

2011.01.28, 12:10 PM
Friendly Local Auto Parts Store :D

2011.01.28, 13:15 PM
heh.. I was close... I figured it was 'Facking Lame auto parts store.' I'm not sure if anyone up here actually does that. I know the Schuck's up here don't (I sadly worked there for a few months part time for extra money..).

2011.01.29, 16:25 PM
New plugs, vacuum hoses, same issue. The plugs were black (as I figured). It's now at around 8-9 at times while cruising, but still way too rich. I checked the FPR, it's around 42lbs at idle, what should it be at? I never touched it, left it where it was set from the PO, so figured that wouldn't be the issue. One thing I'm thinking now, is the front O2 sensor, maybe? I drove it a couple miles from where I can work on the car to where I live while running open downpipe, so the O2 sensor was out of the exhaust stream and in the open environment, could that have royally fubar'd it? And now that I'm thinking about it, it had been sitting outside during harsh temperatures, for about a month.

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.29, 17:18 PM
42lbs is fine. You really need to check for codes. There are LOTS of things that could create your problem.

2011.01.29, 17:45 PM
:thumbup: Cool, will do. In the process of trying to find someone with a VAGCOM/code reader. The guy I sold my TDI Syncro to, his puppy ate through his cord, he's waiting for another, so I might just leave it parked till he gets the cord in.

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.29, 18:25 PM
TDI syncro what? Inquiring minds.. etc.

2011.01.29, 18:34 PM
The B3 Syncro wagon I had before this one was a TDI Syncro. Bought it from a guy in Canada, spent too much, and it was a complete rust bucket... very disappointed, as the original plan was to sell the TDI to a buddy for his caddy shop truck, then use the Syncro in my Swallowtail. After it got t-boned, I lost interest in it, and didn't want to spend a ton of money shipping it back home again (after I'd already paid from shipping from Canadia to WA, then WA to AK). Sold it to a buddy, he found a clean B3 shell and is swapping everything into that. He also has a beastly B5 S4 avant, black on black, with black CHs... drool.


Rabbit 16v
2011.01.29, 18:39 PM
I swear I have seen that car. did you sell it to Nick?

2011.01.29, 19:24 PM
No, a guy named Anders in AK. It was in the Puget Sound area for a few months, though.

Rabbit 16v
2011.01.29, 19:38 PM
I swear I have seen it!

2011.01.31, 22:11 PM
Very possible :)

I've been searching for the pre-cat O2 sensor for the AEB (thinking it's the only thing that could be culprit, as of now, w/o pulling codes), and came across a special bung for the Bosch sensors. Wondering if that would make all the difference? They just welded on a bung they had at the exhaust shop, could that make a difference?

2011.01.31, 23:42 PM
added 'technical' thread prefix

2011.02.05, 02:14 AM
added 'technical' thread prefix


Just replaced the O2 sensor, w/o the spacer, runs as it did before the issue. Thank God... but, not it's 'fluttering' at 15-18psi in 4th/5th, guessing a boost leak of failed WG/MBC. And, the battery light is coming on, guessing a failed alternator, I'll dig more tomorrow.

Pulled and reset the codes, mis-fire on Cyl1, hopefully this was it, drove it around today and will do more tomorrow and check it again.

2011.02.05, 18:40 PM
Wasn't able to read the codes again today, time got away from us while we were working on his car, but hopefully tomorrow. It is sputtering, which I'm guessing it's still showing the cyl1 mis-fire, guessing the coil pack. Tested the charging system, all is well... wondering if the battery light was some-how wired to be a CEL? Or possibly bad ground somewhere for the cluster?