View Full Version : HALP! I need a Strut Nut 'socket' =D

2011.02.04, 13:56 PM
Does anyone have a MkIII strut nut tool i can borrow, rent, or purchase for fairly cheap?

I have some strut bearing/bushings to install and i dont have that tool. Nor do i want to pay $40 for it.

I know you can ghetto rig a thru-socket and an allen. But id rather do it the right way


2011.02.04, 15:23 PM
just take it to fine tuning.. win

2011.02.04, 15:28 PM
haha its like a 10 minute job if that. I could buy the tool cheaper than any mechanic would charge to do it.

2011.02.04, 16:26 PM
fwiw, if you can compress the spring and get the load off the bearing, the nut will spin out with a couple of screwdrivers

2011.02.04, 16:38 PM
Isn't there a torque spec for install? I havent looked at that part yet. =P

2011.02.04, 17:25 PM
Just buy the tool and add it to your tool box!

2011.02.04, 18:07 PM
its too late to buy it. I need to do it like wednesday.

2011.02.04, 19:04 PM
I like to take on projects because it gives me the excuse to buy new tools!
Even when I read threads where people are working on cars it makes me buy tools just in case I may need it later.
I may buy one now because of this thread....hehe

Rabbit 16v
2011.02.04, 19:48 PM
i can loan you the tool. it will cost you 12 coronas. No airtools allowed though! Or I can also give you the numbers of our toolguys whom I believe have them in stock on the truck.

Rabbit 16v
2011.02.08, 14:30 PM
Snap On is here right now with one for $25. Want me to get it for you?

2011.02.08, 16:36 PM
You can also use a O2 sensor socket and a allen.

Rabbit 16v
2011.02.09, 09:05 AM
The tool he needs looks like this:

an o2 sensor socket wont help unless he grinds it down.. which of course would render it useless as and o2 sensor socket ;)

2011.02.11, 15:27 PM

I got caught up with the carpet cleaner guys on Wednesday!

When is the next time the Snap-On guy there?

Rabbit 16v
2011.02.11, 19:00 PM
He just left 5 minutes ago. He had been waiting since last Tuesday. I even had to feed him!

2011.02.11, 19:01 PM
He just left 5 minutes ago. He had been waiting since last Tuesday. I even had to feed him!


2011.02.11, 21:41 PM
He must be desperate for sales.