View Full Version : 1995 Audi a4 quattro obd port

2011.05.04, 15:36 PM
Where is it? Any help please? Trying to help a friend get some codes from his check engine light but I can't find the port.

2011.05.04, 15:53 PM
Never mind. Got it. :thumbup:

2011.05.04, 15:58 PM
for posterity/reference, where is it located?

Rabbit 16v
2011.05.04, 16:11 PM
It was either under where the centre rear ashtray would be or under the armrest between the seats..

2011.05.04, 16:13 PM
under where
*snicker snicker*

2011.05.04, 16:14 PM
Nope. It is in the fuse box. It's not even an obd1 port, it has little test connectors.

Rabbit 16v
2011.05.04, 16:38 PM
I was going to guess that but I thought I was thinking of early s6's! :banghead:

Rabbit 16v
2011.05.04, 16:39 PM
*snicker snicker*

Har har!

2011.05.06, 11:19 AM
obd1 has a 'port'? In my experience it's always just been little connectors that need to be shorted to get codes.

2011.05.06, 12:33 PM
IIRC, 95 Audi and Volkswagens had OBD1 ports rather than the connectors. All the 95 golfs and Jettas I've experienced have had them at least.

2011.05.06, 12:34 PM
1995 is the year when all cars transitioned to obd2. So, you're probably thinking of obd2 cars.. where as yours sounds like it's obd1 :)

2011.05.06, 12:39 PM
I think 96 model year is when they transitioned to OBD2, but 95 had the port. My roommates 95 Jetta and my friend's 95 golf both have the port but won't be scanned by the OBD2 scanner.

Rabbit 16v
2011.05.07, 17:45 PM
Correct. 96 is the year that OBD2 was mandatory for all cars. 95 VWs have the regular port whereas the 93-94 cars have the two connector jobbies. The two connector jobbies are also usually not located where the OBD 2 port would be on the same model in a 96- car.

Interesting factoid: 95 Cabrios have a jumper that is ziptied to the ABS wiring harness under the back seat. This jumper can be used to trigger blink codes with the CEL to extract information. I havent tried it on an OBD2 car that I can recall but it works great on the OBD1 cars.

2011.05.08, 12:50 PM
This jumper can be used to trigger blink codes with the CEL to extract information.

this was the same on my obd1 mk2