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2011.05.12, 17:22 PM
Hi, it's me again with another silly question. I was driving my car (97 gti vr) yesterday and it all of a sudden made a horrible noise. I pulled over, opened her up, wiggled all my spark plug wires and one was incredibly loose. I pulled it out and my spark plug had snapped in half. I limped it the block home with my car sounding like a lawnmower and then let it sit overnight. Pulled off the top portion of the intake manifold today to try and give myself better access to the pieces of plug. They aren't there... I don't know for certain if they are in the cylinder, but if they are: A. Is a half mile driving with a piece of metal in my cylinder enough to destroy my engine? B. How can I remove said metal? Thanks in advance.:beer:

2011.05.12, 17:35 PM
I don't have any input other than awesome thread title! Hehe

So all of the ceramic parts of the spark plug are gone? What about the lower threaded portion?


2011.05.12, 17:37 PM
I cannot find a single piece to it, anywhere.

2011.05.12, 17:57 PM
Nevermind... My roommate found the pieces. I"m dumb.

2011.05.12, 18:35 PM
Glad to hear your roommate found it. :)

Rabbit 16v
2011.05.12, 18:36 PM
So is the electrode portion of the plug intact? The part that goes into the combustion chamber?

2011.05.12, 18:38 PM
I believe so. It looks the same as all the other ones, no chunks out of it or anything.

Rabbit 16v
2011.05.12, 18:41 PM
What kind of plug was it?

2011.05.12, 19:39 PM
NGK. It was the same type of plug as comes originally and I think I replaced them FEB of last year.

2011.05.12, 20:31 PM
in the interest of helping future searches, can we try to make our technical threads a little more descriptive? :P

also.. use the thread tags please!

2011.05.13, 07:15 AM
Sorry. :P I will be more infomative next time. Also, I believe I did use the thread tag? The thread tag is the technical, ongoing, official, etc; stuff right?

2011.05.13, 07:28 AM
nope, thread tags are at the bottom

2011.05.13, 09:39 AM
It would be funny to have a "WTF" tag. :lol:

2011.05.14, 13:29 PM
Also, I believe I did use the thread tag? The thread tag is the technical, ongoing, official, etc; stuff right?

haha.. okay

thread prefix: what is placed before the thread's title (like 'Technical')

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2011.05.14, 13:32 PM
Ok. Thanks for the clarification Joel! :thumbup: