View Full Version : mk1 Scirocco e-brake cable lengths

2011.06.14, 21:09 PM
Anyone know if the early (74-78) cars had the same length e-brake cables as the later models?

2011.06.14, 21:15 PM
hmm, well, my initial google findings show 1705mm for both early an late. I'm thinking that the only difference is the attachment

2011.06.15, 03:47 AM
I'm guessing there is some differences, I can't tell you what they are though. When looking up the part in IMC, they show they have nothing for the early and have two options for 1979 and on. I know that doesn't specifically answer your question but it's all I got.

2011.06.15, 07:04 AM
ETKA may know?

2011.06.15, 07:10 AM
ETKA just shows it as NLA and lists no length details

Rabbit 16v
2011.06.15, 07:52 AM
Worldpac says they are the same. I know why you are asking too. I would have thought they would be different lengths as well due to the different way they attach to the handle...