View Full Version : CIS fuel dizzy Goes SLAP, SLAP,, SLAP what did I do now?

2011.06.29, 11:04 AM
OK first off HI everyone! Missed yall wondered why the tex was so quiet and stupid(er) then normal.

Ok Just got done with my engine move, my mk2 needed to go obd1 2.0 so the 8v RV needed to move into my rabbit. Good thing too as the clutch had decided it only needed 2 springs, had lost one and working on the 2nd so I was JUST in time.

SO I have everything all together now, RV code 8v running CIS still. I got the 1980 rabbit pickup with a JH motor swap already done and I don't know much past that and the fact I have rewired just about everything by now.

So i am trying to get the thing to start and run. I was doing initial fire with no air cleaner so I could acctuate the fuel dizzy by hand during testing of well everything. I started it up and it wants to pop and sputter and you can see the boot above the fuel dizzy moving as the flow plate hits it. Is this because i forgot the air cleaner and it needs to be in there for proper suction and to keep the far end of the Flow plate arm from going to far down?

Or is this another wonderful wonderful fiddle sticks of a problem? The way things are going its probably just because the world hates me and if so then someone please tell me what its done this time :crap:

*pulls out stopwatch to see how long chris takes to answer this*

Rabbit 16v
2011.06.29, 11:52 AM
ignition firing order is wrong. 1-3-4-2 clockwise :thumbup: OR cam timing is off..

2011.06.29, 12:56 PM
huh... Ok How off on cam timing like 180 off? cause I have not messed with that or are we talking a few teeth? cause 1342 is imprinted on my eyeballs now. I don't remeber the last time i was NOT under a car. I am hoping to leave the house sometime before I have to move.

And firing orders on.. and cam lobes are up, piston 1 is at TDC with cam TDC mark, FW is pretty much on (have not checked that this morning i woke up to finish a mk3 for buddys trip to MT)

Thanks chris i luv you!

2011.06.29, 15:15 PM
Thanks chris i luv you!


2011.06.29, 18:14 PM
Ill love everyone more once the fin thing starts and runs.. Guess I could quit jerking around with other peoples cars and the intraweb or rotating tires on the baby mommas car or... Wow ADD is a bitch

Rabbit 16v
2011.06.29, 19:42 PM
pull the plugs and take a look or post a pic. could be fouled plugs due to the constant messing with it. you might have fixed the initial problem and caused a secondary problem with fouled plugs.

2011.06.29, 19:51 PM
Ahh you beat me to the post! Guess it was too dark yesterday and i shoved cheap rotor cap on a bit wrong as well.. pulling fouled plugs now..

2011.06.29, 20:48 PM
hrmm back to thinking its the fuel dizzy or a major oversight of a vaccum leak, takes throttle to keep it sorta running, Spark distributor is set TDC and FW is at large mark, takes priming the fuel dizzy by hand to get it to start and just runs ragged then dies. Wish I was focused enough to do it during daylight but other duties call. Dizzy sprays good when plate is pumped by hand. I guess back to my mk2 aba project for the night.

Also kinda painful hearing the T/O bearing rattle around while having the TDI running *sigh*