View Full Version : Moldy seat cleaning

2011.08.31, 05:31 AM
Anyone have any tips on cleaning some cloth seats? I plan on just pulling the seats out and giving them a good cleaning just not sure what I should use on them. Something safe to put in the shampooer would be a plus.

2011.08.31, 05:39 AM
well.. first, mold spores are killed best with UV light (sun), so exposing the seats to sun is a good thing. Vinegar can also kill mold, so spraying & wiping vinegar onto the cloth also helps.

After giving the seats a good sun bath, I'd probably just shampoo well, and then maybe go back over them with something like Griot's Interior Cleaner.. just to make sure

2011.08.31, 10:02 AM
Steam cleaner and extracting?

2011.08.31, 10:10 AM
I pulled the seat covers off the seat and exposed the foam padding. While that was done, I siliconed the foam padding to get my bolster back, which worked like a charm. I then soaked the seat cover in a bath of oxy clean. After letting it do that for a couple days, I then washed them in my washer with oxy clean and let them air dry. They came out looking practically brand new. This was on my passenger seat of my Harlequin.

2011.09.01, 12:22 PM
Thanks for the tips. The weather looks nice next week so I'll be pulling the seats and airing out the car. It needs some serious cleaning.

2011.09.02, 22:52 PM
When I detailed, I'd always pull everything out, spray with diluted Simple Green/Super Clean, and scrub with a mildly abrasive brush (nothing that'll harm the material though). After that, pressure wash until the water coming off of the material is clean, then repeat the process. Let it dry for 24+hrs, and then put back in.