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2011.09.19, 14:23 PM

I wanted to see what ya'll are running in your cars in regards to Chips/Flash programs.

I currently have the GIAC Flash Program on my A3 which is the 91-93 gas octane one, and I'm pretty happy. I understand that there are different stages, I, II, III in all these so I want to hear what your thoughts are and maybe even experience with these. I recently had some work done at a Dealer and forgot to tell them that the car is chipped and they flashed the ECU deleting the programming for the chip, therefore I have to get it re-programmed.


2011.09.19, 14:44 PM
I have the A6 chipped with APR stage 1 and love it. Improved the gas mileage a bit too. I've gotten used to it so it doesn't feel as fast as it used to, so I might have to get a few more things done.

2011.09.19, 17:12 PM
I have Revo on my car. I would have happily gone with APR I think.. but they won't have TDI software for my car, it seems. Unitronic is another company that has software for most cars..

2011.09.20, 07:59 AM
I had Upsolute on my MKV GLI. Loved it! Nothing like pushing a button and turning on 40 hp and 80 NM of torque. I drove a buddies MKV GTI with APR Stage 2 and quite impressed.

dub boy
2011.10.26, 20:28 PM
I have GIAC in my r32. The software was designed specifically to run with the cams that I have and honestly have nothing bad to say. I would like to throw up another name though that has a good reputation building so far. It's United Motorsports. The progrmmer used to be the head programmer for C2....

Rabbit 16v
2011.10.26, 21:36 PM
Oh man, dont get me started on GIAC! facepalm.jpg (on numerous occasions).

2011.10.27, 08:36 AM
A buddy of mine had GIAC in his early Mk4 and he hated it but it was the only software out there that worked with his engine.
His car was probably one of your "numerous occasions."............hehehe

2011.10.27, 21:03 PM
I have APR stage 2 on my MKV GTI and I am very happy with it. Got it done at Fine Tuning. :thumbup:

Rabbit 16v
2011.10.27, 21:42 PM
:thumbup: :beer:

2014.04.06, 13:22 PM
Back from the dead! :P

Found out the Corrado has a GIAC chip. Horrid. Thing runs stupid rich when you boot it. There was so much carbon build up in the head & exhaust you'd think it was a diesel. Don't get me wrong...it ran like an animal...but the fueling seems a bit overly aggressive. I'm probably going to be having a talk w/ Randy at TT about having a chip tailored to the motor of the car...once I come to a final decision on the direction I'm heading in (2.9/3.0L).

2014.04.07, 10:48 AM
techtonics :love:

2014.04.07, 10:55 AM
So just got off the phone with Randy a bit ago. It sounds like Colin, his chip guy, has done a bunch of work with big bore VRs. :cool: Pretty sure that is the direction I'm headed w/ the new build.

2014.04.08, 16:24 PM
I do believe Colin knows a thing or two.

Rabbit 16v
2014.04.08, 22:15 PM