View Full Version : I need some help! mk4 Axle confusion.

2011.12.28, 12:54 PM
So I toasted a axle on Christmas Eve on the way to Portland. The car is stuck their until I can find a correct replacement. The issue I am having is finding the correct part. The axle that is in the car has a "standard" style but the vin# calls for a "tripod" style flange. The part# for the "standard" style crosses to a 2002-2006 Jetta wagon. Does anyone know if this will work on a sedan?

2011.12.28, 12:57 PM
It should... I'm assuming that the wagon uses the same drivetrain as the sedan, but you know what they say about assuming...
you could always pull the broken part and reference the PN that is on it and replace it with the same part

2011.12.28, 13:01 PM
The broken part is a Raxle with no part number on it.

2011.12.28, 13:40 PM
Yikes. Sorry I can't help you. Hope you get it fixed with a quickness.

Rabbit 16v
2011.12.28, 15:27 PM
What year is the car in question? Do you have the last 6 of the VIN? Is it auto? if so, is it tiptronic? There are many different versions of axles for these cars..

2011.12.28, 15:31 PM
The last 6 of the vin are 163341. It's a 5spd manual. The vin calls for a different part than what is on the car.

Rabbit 16v
2011.12.28, 16:33 PM
What is the production date? Is it a Jetta or Golf?

2011.12.28, 17:08 PM
Jetta and I'm not sure of the build date. The car is in Portland so I can't look at the door sticker either.

Rabbit 16v
2011.12.28, 17:17 PM
Do you know what year it is? maybe you have title handy to look at?

2011.12.28, 17:19 PM
It is a 2001. Title is in the mail lol

2011.12.28, 17:23 PM
Check his sig. . . Drrrrr

Rabbit 16v
2011.12.28, 17:27 PM
I never make assumptions ;) could lead to getting the wrong part :P

what side of the car is the axle that you need?

2011.12.28, 17:33 PM
Drivers side.

Rabbit 16v
2011.12.28, 17:40 PM
1J0 407 272NN

Only get an OEM axle. That reman crap is for people that enjoy replacing axles. In that year, most of the manual trans cars (all of them actually IIRC) do not have tripod joints. Tripod is for automatics of that era. no, a tripod joint will not work on a non tripod car.

It is possible that although the VIN calls for tripod joints, someone might have swapped in a manual trans..

2011.12.28, 17:51 PM
I'm throwing in a garbage empi axle as a temp fix. Just need to get the car home and then I will go about replacing with OEM. Thanks for your help.

Rabbit 16v
2011.12.28, 17:51 PM
No prob and GL!

2011.12.28, 19:50 PM