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2012.01.01, 17:59 PM
Ok, some of you might know I own a '55 Ford Customline 2 door post.

Some of you might also know that I spent every weekend last year working on the darn thing.

Whilst the car was without a motor, I took the liberty of detailing the engine bay, which also included a bunch of spraypaint. I thought I had everything masked off nicely but I found traces of overspray on my chrome grille. So minor I didn't even notice it until I used the chrome polish on it and could feel the texture. :P

Before I bring out the lacquer thinner, what would be the best way to remove said overspray?

Onto the pictures...the car is i storage right now so I don't have any details on the grille...




2012.01.01, 19:11 PM
Did you try WD-40?

2012.01.01, 19:38 PM
if the chrome is good quality, use 0000 steel wool and chrome polish. you could do an acetone wipe as well.

2012.01.01, 20:08 PM
well... always try claybar first. It can get a lot of things off, and is least likely to do damage. If that doesn't work, you're digging into heavy duty cleaners, paint thinner, or polish

2012.01.01, 22:06 PM
Thanks everyone, yeah, I haven't done anything with the car after I got it up and running :D

It was time to put the car away...I drove it for like 2 weeks and now it's in a storage unit, a really crowded storage unit. :D

So I'm hoping spring will be here soon so I can get back to work. :)

2012.01.02, 00:15 AM
That thing is super rad!

2012.01.03, 17:49 PM
That thing is super rad!

Thanks! It's as much of a money pit as it is fast. ;) But I LOVE it!!!

dub boy
2012.01.04, 19:56 PM
I would try the soapy SOS pads that can be purchased at just about any grocery store. there is also a chrome polish called NEVR DULL by eagle one that works well on my exhaust tips and other chrome bits...

2012.01.06, 15:02 PM
if the chrome is good quality, use 0000 steel wool and chrome polish. you could do an acetone wipe as well.

lol you stole my answer