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2012.02.26, 13:41 PM
Anyone done this conversion? I've been pondering buying a Sprinter Van (http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/2863637025.html) for use as the family RV.

I got some inspiration from these crazy people (http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/67668-2-Adults-5-Kids-Every-Country-in-North-and-South-America-in-a-Veggie-Powered-F250), and have been itching to go explore some.

The prospect of near free fuel is very enticing, and according to this report (http://www.buffalobiodiesel.org/svo_emissions.pdf) emissions are even lower than diesel or bio. golden fuel systems (http://www.goldenfuelsystems.com/) and greasecar (http://www.greasecar.com/) sell conversion kits.

Thoughts, comments, criticisms? Is it a pipe dream? I know it's nothing new; diesel engines were originally designed to run on peanut oil so that farmers could grow their own fuel, I've just been thinking about it lately.

Rabbit 16v
2012.02.26, 16:44 PM
frybrid is the kit I have for the scirocco. I havent installed it yet, but it is the best kit on the market right now. Its also local and the dude that makes them is a buddy of mine. I am unsure of how it would effect the CDI engine but I can say I have seen it work just fine on the VWAG PD engines. The only shitty part is that you will need to collect and filter your own oil, but hey, its free fuel so a little work isnt much in the grand scheme of things..

2012.02.26, 18:07 PM
Wow, those Frybrid kits do look nice! Electronic controls to do the switching for you makes total sense. The other kits do look garage built by comparison.

Rabbit 16v
2012.02.26, 18:09 PM
Yup. Very good stuff. The extra bonus is that wehn it is purging the system, you get a turbotimer ;)