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Thread: WTT: 1979 VW Mk1 Rabbit 2dr 1.6D 5spd

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    WTT: 1979 VW Mk1 Rabbit 2dr 1.6D 5spd

    I got this car in trade of some goodies from my Corrado a while back from a good friend. We've driven this up to Canada, Bellingham numerous times, Oregon etc. and I would not hesitate to drive it cross country as-is. It can actually hold 75mph comfortably (not usual for Mk1 diesels, the 5spd and 1.6L makes a difference!). It handles GREAT in the snow. Parked my Mk2 GTI and drove this when we had our 'snow storm' and I was passing 4x4 trucks on the backroads that weren't plowed with no issues.

    The Good...
    1.6 diesel with a diesel 5spd (with 'E' for 5th on the shift-knob shift pattern)
    about 10,000 miles on a fresh rebuild (same with clutch/flywheel)
    new battery (correct CCAs)
    new fuel filter and fuel lines
    new alternator
    engine bay was resprayed while the engine was out
    AM/FM/Cassette OE VW radio (not sure what it's out of, guessing late 80s though)
    no sunroof
    non-AC car, manual brakes/steering
    air-horn installed (OE horn still there, just have the harness plugged into the air-horn; easily put back to stock)
    heater works great, rear defrost works, all lights work (except 4-ways; see below)
    new 195/50s on Corrado Sebrings
    Bilstein shocks/struts
    Neuspeed springs
    rear end brakes are all new:
    OE shoes
    OE spring kit
    OE wheel cylinders
    OE drums
    OE bearings
    OE seals
    front end is essentially all new:
    OE ball joints
    OE hubs
    OE bearings
    OE rotors
    OE pads
    OE hoses
    I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things... If doing any type of maintenance, everything in the area was replaced.
    averaging 45MPG mixed with a lot of driving in traffic
    cheap to swap on a TD kit for more power!

    The Bad...
    4-ways don't work; I just haven't replaced the switch yet
    sometimes the dash lights randomly come on (E-brake, battery and seatbelt lights for about a minute then shut off)
    doors need to be re-keyed
    early dual round cluster, so it has clock (that doesn't work) instead of tachometer
    windshield wipers work, but sometimes it gets a bit sluggish on the back swing
    doesn't like really cold starts too much, but has never not started
    missing the muffler; causes exhaust pipe to rattle on the rear beam since it's missing 2 hangers (working on fixing that, just haven't had the time)
    exterior has the patina look
    front left fender is bruised near the headlight (see pictures)
    driver's side window crank doesn't stay on
    headliner has a few holes, but still intact and OG
    both door panels are warped and bow out slightly
    driver's seat has 2 rips from front to back on the bottom part of the seat, and is incredibly uncomfortable (you can feel the springs)
    dash is cracked and in poor shape
    no idea how many miles are on it, it only only has the 99,999 odometer, which has rolled over (not sure how many times)
    stickers... quite a few of them; adds character (and HP, lord knows an NA diesel needs the extra)

    This car is not perfect. I pride myself in being truthful, so I wanted to list everything wrong with it to be upfront. Don't be afraid of the 'cons' of this car; although it is far from being perfect, it is the perfect daily. Everything mechanical is pretty much new and is good to go for another 200k+ miles. The amount of money and time that has been put into this car (although, obviously not a show car), is quite a lot. Hopefully someone can appreciate that, and see that this could possibly be one of the best cars you've ever owned.

    And The Ugly...

    Updated pictures as of 13 Sep 2012:

    13 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    12 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    11 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    10 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    9 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    8 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    7 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    6 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    5 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    4 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    3 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    2 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    1 by rollercoasterracer, on Flickr

    Reason I'm putting this up is because we're picking up a Mk4 GLI for the wife's daily, and I want something different. Things I'd be interested in:
    50s style pickup (preferably '55-56 Chevy) can be in project status, but must be a roller
    B3/B4/B5/B5.5 Passat wagon
    I miss my Mk1 GTI... so I have to say I'd be interested in another clean version of one of those, too
    Possibly a Mk2 (must be big-bumper, and cleanly modded or unmolested)
    any clean/comfortable/reliable VW that I could daily (big fan of wagons)

    Since I must put a price, I'll put $6,000 OBO, but not looking to sell out-right right now.
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